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An Easter PHOTOdiary: Peeps & climate change

We may be at a tipping point

It’s Easter Sunday and that can mean only one thing: it’s time for the annual repost of our Peeps® post. Enjoy.

Spring came incredibly late to southern Michigan this year so on Good Friday, my wife Anne and I put our kayaks in the Huron River and set out to document the effects of global climate change on the wildlife of our area. What we found was both stunning and shocking.

All photos by Anne C. Savage (except this one of her.)

As we started our journey, we knew something was different. Never before had we seen remnants of snow piles in the forest and along the riverbank this late in the season.…

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POPCORN TIME: Bentivolio campaign compares David Trott to a “pornographer”

What’s say you and him fight?

Kerry Bentivolio’s campaign to keep the U.S. House seat he accidentally won in 2014 is looking bleaker and bleaker. His opponent, foreclosure vulturist and corporatist poster child David Trott has over a $1 million in the bank, most of which is from his own personal bank account. Throwing people out of their homes is VERY lucrative business, apparently, and Trott is clearly willing to buy this seat rather than just run a normal campaign. The foul, fetid foreclosure albatross hanging around his neck is going to challenge him to win even against his hapless opponent.…

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BWAHAHAHA!!! Republican Governors Association attacks Mark Schauer over bill Gov. Snyder extended in 2011

I don’t know what happened here. Maybe Republican Governors Association Vice Chair Chris Christie is too busy dealing with his George Washington Bridgegate problem to be doing his job.

This morning, the RGA released another attack video on Mark Schauer for supporting a bill that required criminal background checks for nursing home employees, paid for by a small fee on nursing homes of $2.77 per bed daily. The program is known as the nursing home Quality Assurance Assessment Program.

Here’s the ad:

Here’s the thing: the original bill was passed with bipartisan support in 2002 and signed into law by Repubilican governor John Engler.…

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BREAKING: EAA Chief unexpectedly quits to take new job – “Screw you, guys. I’m going home.”

In a shocking development few saw coming, Education Achievement Authority Chancellor John Covington quit his job this morning to take a new position a university somewhere in Illinois.

Some EAA staffers have suspected Covington was interviewing for other jobs over the past few weeks.

“He’s never around the office anymore,” said one EAA office staffer. “And he’s been out of town most Fridays and Mondays.”

Covington has been under intense scrutiny and criticism for failing to produce the level of academic achievement he promised would happen and, in fact, claimed was happening. After recent MEAP testing results revealed that a significant number of students actually showed WORSE results from year to year rather than Covington’s claim that most EAA students had advanced a year and a half in just the first year of the education experiment, even some of Covington’s most ardent supporters began to question his truthiness.…

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Rick Snyder’s videographer and CNN journalist impersonator gets national notice, featured on MSNBC

Good to see that Jeff Steinborn, the Snyder campaign videographer/photographer busted for impersonating a CNN reporter at a Mark Schauer campaign event, is getting some well-deserved national ridicule.

Here he is last night on The Ed Show being skewered by Ed Schultz:

Relentless positive ineptitude?…

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VIDEO: A heartfelt Rick Snyder valentine to Dick and Betsy DeVos celebrating their corporate love affair

There are few people who deserve a valentine from Michigan governor Rick Snyder more than Dick and Betsy DeVos. From funding his campaign to paying for ramming Right to Work through by threatening/bribing Republicans in the legislature, the DeVos family has been there for Rick Snyder every step of the way. In fact, it could reasonably be said that Rick Snyder is a business partner or even an employee of the DeVos family.

Our friends at SnyderFails have put together a video that shows the valentine that Rick Snyder would send to Dick and Betsy DeVos if he were allowed to publicly admit the central role they play in his administration.…

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Tennessee GOP threatens VW for allowing union to form so Virg Bernero invites them to Lansing

You know how Republicans are all about supporting “job creators”? It’s their reason for fighting any increases in the minimum wage, regulations that protect the environment or people, and a plethora of other things that Democrats fight FOR every day. Well, Republicans in Tennessee have made it clear that their adoration and idolization of “job creators” comes to a screeching halt the minute it benefits the workers who allow “job creators” to run their job creating businesses.

Volkswagen’s Tennessee plant is very likely to become a union shop with a vote this week and VW is cool with it. In fact, they are encouraging it.…

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UPDATED: Karl Rove’s American Crossroads poll says Land up over Peters, Dem strongholds under-represented

You can’t unskew a poll this skewed up

Updated twice below.

Karl Rove, the man who was absolutely certain that Mitt Romney was going to pull out an astonishing victory over Barack Obama despite all evidence to the contrary, has commissed a new series of polls that say Republicans are going to take back the Senate. Michigan was among the states polled and they have Terri Lynn Land, the invisible candidate, up 5 points over Congressman Gary Peters in the race to fill Carl Levin’s U.S. Senate seat.

When you look at the data from the poll commissioned by Rove’s American Crossroads, you can see why.…

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Rick Snyder ads on Eclectablog – enjoy the beautiful irony


Now that our governor has started his relentless positive rebranding tour, his ads are going to start showing up in your Facebook news feeds, on your Twitter apps, and, of course, on the websites you visit.

That includes, hilariously enough, THIS website!

Click for a larger version, screencap courtesy of Chad Cyrowski at Progress Michigan

“But WAIT!”, you might say. “How can this be!?”, you might ask. “Eclectablog, how COULD you!?”, I can hear you plead.

Here’s the thing: those ads you see in the sidebar and across the top of the blog are what are call “remnant ads”. I put a box there and then an ad network fills it.…

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Delta County GOP names Republicans like Tim Walberg who “Blatantly Surrendered to the Homosexual & Stealth Jihad Agenda”


LOLOLOL. You might think you have some rabid tea partiers in your area, tea partiers that are the worst of the worst, more steeped in vitriolic tea than anybody else’s tea partiers. You might think you have the most over-the-top, unhinged, detached from reality tea partiers of all of the unmoored tea partiers that ever were, that are now, and ever will be.

You would be wrong.

Those tea partiers are running the Facebook page of the Delta County Republican Party. Delta County, the political powerhouse of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

To wit:

In Case You Are Not Keeping Record: The Following Are the Republicans Who Have Blatantly Surrendered to the Homosexual and Stealth Jihad Agenda (By Virtue of their attacks on Dave Agema)

Republican National Chair Reince Priebus

Michigan Republican Party Chair Bobby Schostak

Michigan Attorney General.

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