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With apologies to Supertramp — and for giving Eclectablog’s readers an earworm — I can’t get this song out of my head during the final stretch of our fundraising week.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you think Eclectablog is worth your time. As a regular contributor, I admit I’m biased, but just consider the amazing work Chris Savage has been doing keeping up with the rapidly unfolding new developments in Flint. As LOLGOP pointed out, Chris regularly shines a light on the mess caused by political malfeasance in Michigan.…

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What the hell is going on in Michigan?

Help us reveal what the hell is going on. Donate now.

It took a genuine catastrophe in Flint for people to notice, but what’s going on in Michigan should be a screeching alarm to America of the dangers of right-wing governance.

Rick Snyder’s soggy demeanor and business connections bless him with the shiny veneer of being a “moderate.” Few people understood the radicalism his complete lack of charisma hid.

Elected in a Tea Party wave, Snyder narrowly won re-election, mostly due to the strength of Barack Obama’s accomplishments, the Michael Bloomberg-backed saturation of the TV airwaves, and an establishment-endorsed sense of competence.…

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When it comes to progressive values, we simply cannot compromise

When it comes to progressive values, we simply cannot compromise

We’re nearing the end of our first quarter fundraiser and, unfortunately, it hasn’t been a particularly robust one. This worries me. With taxes due soon and our bank account dwindling, there is a real possibility that I will need to restrict how many posts our regular contributors can publish because there simply won’t be enough money to pay them. And, while I suspect all of our writers would do it without pay, that’s not how we roll at Eclectablog. We’re a progressive blog and that means people here get paid fairly for their creative output. That’s a progressive value I won’t compromise on.…

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Thank you for sharing the responsibility of making Eclectablog what is it: Accountable and transparent…what a concept!

During the periodic times of year that Eclectablog asks for your financial support, I always find it an affirmation to the vision and incredible hard work of Chris Savage and the entire staff at Eclectablog, including and maybe especially Anne Savage, who is very much an unsung hero of this critical and important news source. Her dedication, creativity, point of view, and support of us all is done quietly, but is ever present. I can only imagine how crucial her support of Chris must be on a daily basis, as she continues to pursue and expand her amazing career as a very gifted professional photographer.…

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INTRODUCING: Our latest Eclectablogger, Sommer Foster

On Monday, I announced that we are bringing on a new writer at Eclectablog. Today, I am pleased to make the official announcement that Sommer Foster will be a regular (and paid) contributor to Eclectablog. I’ve been asking Sommer to come on board for over a year now and the stars have finally aligned in such a way that she’s able to do it.

I first met Sommer at a Canton Democratic Club meeting and have gotten to know and respect her over the years through her work with Equality Michigan and as a Michigan activist. As a straight ally, Sommer has been a fierce advocate for the LGBTQ community and has unquestionably left her mark on Michigan.…

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Without real journalism, democracy dies - and it's dying in Atlantic City under Emergency Management

Without real journalism, democracy dies – and it’s dying in Atlantic City under Emergency Management

Journalism is defined as “the activity or job of collecting, writing, and editing news stories for newspapers, magazines, television, or radio.” In this new media age, you can add blogs and podcasts and other online news sources to that, as well. It is my firm belief that journalism – TRUE journalism – goes farther than that: it is a necessary element in a vibrant democracy and has the crucial role of revealing information that might otherwise be hidden and holding our elected officials and other leaders accountable for doing their jobs.

When people accuse me of being a journalist, I often brush them off saying that I don’t consider myself a journalist.…

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Readers always write. Well, not *always*…

One of my favorite parts about asking our readers for donations (and there aren’t many “favorites”, I actually hate doing it) are the incredibly nice notes we get when people send us checks directly. I thought I’d share a few with you today and let folks know how much they warm our hearts and keep us motivated.

Sometimes, it’s something simple:

Sometimes it’s a broad “thank you”:

Other times, people are more specific:

Teachers are particularly nice (no surprise there : )

And sometimes, people are VERY flattering:

For those groups and individuals who find what we do here at Eclectablog worthy of supporting with a direct financial contribution, there are three ways to help.…

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BREAKING: Big news for Eclectablog! A new year. A new site. A new writer.

BREAKING: Big news for Eclectablog! A new year. A new site. A new writer.

I’m excited to announce some big news for Eclectablog readers. Two pieces of news, actually. First, the site will be undergoing a major facelift in the coming month. We will be moving to a more mobile device-friendly theme that will make reading our content even easier than it is now. We’re working on it this week and hope to unveil the new site by the end of the month if the stars align.

Second, we’ll be bringing on a new writer later this week or next. She’s an African American woman with a terrific voice and unique perspective. I’ll keep her identity a secret for the moment but here’s a hint: she’s written guest posts for us before.…

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Blog update: Video ads are gone and other news

I have gotten quite a few complaints about the video ads that were being displayed on the site. Although I was promised they would have a very high CPM (“cost per thousand”, a measure of what they pay), that turned out not to be the case at all. The ads themselves were pretty intrusive, particularly on tablets and other mobile devices. So I have killed them.

The ads that I replaced them with aren’t all that lucrative either so we’re still making a shamefully small amount of money on ad revenue. That is, unfortunately, the way the blogging world is at the present time.…

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When you get to choose where you get your news you can’t lose.

Children, have a seat and let me tell you a story. Way back in your granddaddy’s time, ten years ago, every day some high school-aged kid on a bicycle would come by the house and deliver a thing called a “newspaper.” The newspaper was exactly what it sounds like: a stack of papers where a bunch of writers got together every day and wrote up a summary of the day’s news. Toward the back of these newspapers the editors would usually print a series of very long and very long-winded opinion columns, plus a few short, usually poorly-written “Letters to the Editor” written by locals with too much time on their hands.…

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Support Eclectablog now and see if it makes you feel better

A lot of people call the Buddha the greatest marketer in the world because he told people, “Don’t trust me. Try it yourself and see how you feel.”

You can make that promise when you know you have a great product.

The Buddha did and the result was a world religion that even people who don’t like religion often claim as their own.

I’m not saying Chris Savage is the Buddha — that we know of — but I can firmly avow that the product he offers you through Eclectablog is great. Maybe you don’t agree with all the opinions of the team Chris has put together all of the time — lockstep agreement and purity vows are for Duggars.…

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