Trump’s ACA sabotage may have already have a cost of more than 4,000 American lives


We’re paying more and now 3.5 million more Americans are uninsured

Andy Slavitt loves seeing Americans gain health insurance, and since 2014, he’s had a lot of reasons to be happy..

Slavitt stepped in to save in the midst of a crisis of technology and crisis that threatened the Affordable Care Act. By the end of the enrollment period, the site was up and running. President Obama picked him to run Obamacare along with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. By the end of Obama’s second term, the uninsured rate was continually hitting record lows.

And then Donald Trump came into office.

On his inauguration day, he took the first of his many steps to discourage Americans from gaining health insurance. We’ve spared America from Full Trumpcare, his biggest attempt at gutting the law AND Medicaid, but elections and sabotage have consequences.

Talking Points Memo reports:

A new Gallup survey released Friday shows a marked uptick in the number of Americans without health insurance since the Trump administration took office—a reversal after years of decline and a historic record low under the Obama administration.

To put this into raw numbers:

From Romneycare we have some idea of the affect health insurance has on preventing death. In 2014, Vox reported:

The new Harvard study estimates that for every 830 people the Massachusetts insurance expansion covered, one additional life was saved. This was a 2.9 percent decrease in the mortality rate compared to similar counties that did not have insurance expansions.

So not only are we paying more — ACASignups’s Charles Gaba estimates rates are about 30 percent higher, thanks to sabotage from Trump’s GOP — more Americans could be dying.

How many? Based on the Romneycare numbers, about 4,200, which reminds me of something Jon Cryer tweeted:

What can you do about it? Join the fight to get our friends, family and neighbors insured because Trump won’t. Retweet this and then click the link to get started:

  • judyms9

    Pardon my cynicism but those who are dying are of no concern to Trump because they didn’t or won’t vote for him. His calculations and depth of thought stop there. The glaring gaps in health care coverage among Americans will be of no concern to Republicans until there is an epidemic or pandemic that actually threatens them. They have ignored poverty and begrudged poor children free lunches for decades. They let S-chip for kids’ funding expire. They will not be shamed into taking care of others no matter how great their need. The majority of them live by their abridged version of the Golden Rule: Do unto others. Full stop.