To save the ACA, don’t mourn — rage


The fight to save health insurance for millions has just begun

I can’t say it better than Ben Winkler from MoveOn.Org so here it is:

  • judyms9

    The Republican pansies that caved to Trump’s need for immediate (if not sooner) gratification are not leaders, but they will probably be re-elected because they have been doing their money-masters’ bidding. That’s all that matters in modern politics. And having the Russians on one side or the other is just a bonus.

  • teele

    I am in Fred Upton’s district (again, though I haven’t moved during his loooooong tenure in Congress). He does not have town halls; aperently, he decided the hoi polloi isn’t his cup of tea some years back. I called both of his West Michigan offices today, never speaking to a human being, although after the eleventh call I was able to leave a voicemail in a box that wasn’t “full.” Upton’s website does not have an email address, but will allow a 500 maximum character feedback message if you know your zip+4 and can get past their picture quiz. So, it is hard to villify or shame someone who doesn’t want to know and doesn’t care about their constituents opinions. I did email Stryker, one of the few large corporations left in our district, and a maker of medical equipment, to try and get their reaction to our “representative” voting to remove 20 million potential customers from the market they serve. We simply do not have representative government anymore. They do not care, and really, why should they? The Kochs and the other sugar daddies run some negative ads, the party controls the shape of the districts and the voting equipment, and the same good ol’ boys are back every other year, pattting each other on the back. And now they figure they can just kill 10 percent of us off.

    • Then you’ll need to get creative. Check out the Indivisible Guide site. They have ideas for people in your position:

    • Oginikwe

      We have Jack Bergman and his vote hurt many people in District 1: low-income, senior citizens, and all the others. Hopefully, when he’s up for re-election, all those people he hurt can send him packing.