Flint, GOPocrisy, Michigan Republicans — April 28, 2017 at 7:22 am

Michigan Republican whose “Christian beliefs shape his worldview” votes to deny Flint federal funds for #FlintWaterCrisis


The effort to bring federal dollars into Flint to help them deal with the Republican-made catastrophe that poisoned their drinking water with the powerful neurotoxin lead has been long and arduous, primarily because Republicans themselves did everything they could to make the path long and arduous. First, it took nearly a year for Republican members of Congress to even pass the legislation, despite the dire need and national attention being focused on the shameful situation. Finally, the last bill President Obama signed sent $100 million in funding to the beleaguered city.

This past week, the State House finally got around to approving the transfer of funds but not before turning the funding into a political football and then botching the legislation to make it happen:

The Flint water crisis funding has been held up for nearly a month as the Republican-led House and Senate debated what form of assistance to send Macomb County, which is working to fix the Fraser sinkhole and divert the flow of sewage around a collapsed interceptor.

Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, House Speaker Tom Leonard and Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration struck a deal Wednesday allowing legislators to vote on the Flint funding separately while the state prepares to send Macomb County $3 million in existing funds. […]

The upper chamber on Wednesday voted unanimously to send $100 million in federal funding to Flint, which Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency had awarded the state to help the city replace lead service lines and other water infrastructure.

But House officials detected a problem in the amended Senate legislation so the upper chamber will “do it tomorrow morning correctly,” House spokesman Gideon D’Assandro said.

Steven Johnson, Christian hypocrite
Yesterday, after nearly a year of waiting on Republicans to get their act together enough to help Flint, the bill finally passed in both the state Senate and the state House which will allow the important federal dollars to reach the victims of the crisis. If you thought that this had unanimous support, you thought wrong. One Republican, Steven Johnson from the 72nd State House district just south of Grand Rapids, voted against it. Johnson, who hates the government, cosponsored an “anti-Sharia law” bill, and believes that constitutional lawyer, President Obama, “does not believe in the U.S. Constitution”, was the lone vote against the legislation.

This move is in stark contrast to Johnson’s statement about his personal beliefs on his State House webpage:

Steve’s Christian beliefs shape his worldview. Every vote he takes in Lansing will reflect these values. He is passionate about shrinking government, defending the rights of the unborn and protecting religious liberty.

This is just the sort of Christian hypocrisy that has soured so many people on openly religious lawmakers. They wrap themselves in the U.S. flag and hold the Bible in their hands as they work to harm the most vulnerable people in our society. But to vote against helping Flint after they have waited this long for some relief is unconscionable.

I think Johnson’s position and vote on this is best characterized a statement a former roommate of his made in a bio posted in the The Collegian, the newspaper of Hillsdale College, Johnson’s alma mater, during his campaign:

“He’s not heavy on the thinking side of politics,” Lafountain said. “He’s more into getting out there.”

“Not heavy on the thinking side of politics” and “out there”. I couldn’t agree more.

  • ADRalston

    Whoever voted this idiot into office deserves lead in their water!!! VOTES MATTER. He’s living proof.

  • Thomas Edward Brennan III

    It just baffles me that these people say they are “christian” but behave in the most unchristian way when push comes to shove. I think they try to tout their Christianity so people will get votes. It is one thing to say you are, but how you act is what really matters

    • eaglescry

      I would like to believe that Thomas Edward Brennan III ..how you act really does matter…and I personally believe that…however, they are being voted in…these mean cruel, evil, christian-less, moral-less people are winning votes. My personal belief those who are toting Christianity beliefs with their political GOP choice are noting more than hypocrites…
      Like you said just for the vote. Amen !

  • Susan Lyons Robertson

    Do we know what his reason(s) were for voting against? I’m just curious how he rationalizes this particular vote, in his words.

    • Rob Graham

      His thinking is thus; Poor people are sinners. If they were good people, that is Christians, God would not be punishing them. Sinners should not be rewarded for sinning.

      Also government is Communism.

      Yeah, it’s insane but there it is.

      • judyms9

        And he just couldn’t wait to jump onto that Communist government bandwagon, could he? Even though they purport to hate government, the Republicans are the majority almost everywhere now, so soon we should see a huge contraction in the government payroll and services. Enjoy. If you can.

  • Kitty Smith

    Sigh. Because of course the bible-beater is.

  • When the kid from Deliverance grows up to make public policy.

    • I think there’s enough here to criticize him for without resorting to snide comments about his appearance, don’t you?

  • Mark Mudry

    All you need to know about Steven Johnson is this: 72nd House district (Justin Amash’s old seat) and he went to Hillsdale College. If you understand these things, his low-energy thinking is explained.

  • phaedrus8

    Christians 🙄

  • Max’s Dad

    Just a quick fact-check. The plan to switch the drinking water in Flint was made by the city council. Not the state. The Flint City Council is made up entirely of Democrats. Side note: The leadership is so brain dead, they’ve had to be replaced by an emergency manager twice in the past 14 years.

  • Kip TW

    Not very heavy on the empathy side, either, I see.

  • Robin Jordan

    I believe many of these self proclaimed christians label themselves this way for the voter base. They know the mention of the buzz word; “christian values”, “prolife”, less government” will get them votes without any effort on their part or further thought on the part of those voters. This guy is clearly not a christian, he should be called out on this every time.

    • I have to say I disagree with this. I think they are brainwashed far right zealots that pervert their religion to fit their twisted, un-Christian worldview. “True believers” no matter what Jesus would have to say about it.

  • JR

    Can’t fix STUPID!