Wake Up and Smell the Freedom Not to Have Health Coverage


The U.S. House Republicans’ super-secret Obamacare replacement is out and it’s all about freedom.

Yes, if you’re one of the 20 million Americans who gained health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, you may soon enjoy the freedom of no longer being covered. We don’t know how many people will be covered, but even Republicans acknowledge that it will be a lower number than the ACA.

As President Donald Trump finally noticed last month, health policy is kinda complicated. So it will be awhile before we know all the details of the GOP plan. But one key element to reducing coverage is that they’d end the federal funding in 2020 for states who expand Medicaid. Currently, 31 states, including Michigan, have expanded Medicaid to cover 10 million people.

That could definitely put Michigan’s program in jeopardy. Gov. Rick Snyder had to fight tooth and nail with his fellow Republicans in the Legislature just to get the expansion in the first place. The Legislature has only gotten more conservative since then and Snyder is term-limited next year. It’s easy to imagine a Gov. Bill Schuette, who fought Obamacare all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, joining together with GOP lawmakers to scrap Michigan’s Medicaid expansion.

There are 640,000 Michiganders who now have health coverage due to the expansion — more than 6 percent of the state’s population. Yanking away health insurance from them would be unnecessarily cruel. And it’s not even smart economic policy. The expansion will have a $432 million impact this year, according to a University of Michigan study commissioned by the New York-based Commonwealth Fund. And that’s created 30,000 jobs. Given the fact that Trump goes around irresponsibly taking credit for companies keeping a couple hundred jobs in the United States, you’d think that losing 30,000 jobs in just Michigan alone might give him pause.

There are many other ways that people could lose their health insurance under the GOP plan. Insurance subsidies for low-income people would be replaced with age-based subsidies, which would likely reduce benefits and the number of people who are insured. The New York Times reports that people with preexisting conditions “would face new uncertainties in a more deregulated insurance market.” And the plan cuts off funding to Planned Parenthood.

But at least people who didn’t want to buy health insurance will escape paying that freedom-sucking penalty, right? Well, yes … but if you let your insurance coverage lap because you’ve changed jobs, didn’t want to pay for it, etc., the GOP plan allows insurance companies to sock you with a 30 percent premium increase. That’s probably going to be a much bigger hit to your wallet.

The Republican concept of freedom always seems to come with a lot of not-so fine print.

If there’s one thing Americans love, it’s when politicians meddle and make things worse. And they really love having things taken away from them. So this new GOP plan should really go over well.

[Photo by Amy Lynn Smith]

  • DetroitSam

    Trump voters who lose access to health care services and life saving medications are getting just what they wanted. After all, they wanted to keep “those people” from being helped.

    Besides, these same people will drive over their children and grandchildren to vote for the next republican who will just screw them over.

    • Not always. Some of these people were fed a line of BS that they mistakenly believed and are now being betrayed. Instead of looking upon them with derision and scorn, we should be reaching out to them, showing them how Trump has betrayed them, and explaining that Democrats have a better plan.

  • Robert Frank

    Under the Affordable Care Act, an elderly middle class couple in their early 60’s pays over $17,000 a year for the most basic Bronze health insurance policy. In order to pay this “affordable” a rate, the deductible is an extra $13,000 to be paid first, before Blue Cross starts paying. So, it’s $30,000+ dollars out of pocket before health insurance starts paying. This is not affordable. Used an independent health insurance to find the lowest possible rate.
    This is a real life scenario. Proof the (un) Affordable Care Act needs a serious overhaul.

  • Dida Sanders

    I came on this accidentally but let me tell you I don’t WANT the damn healthcare the government is forcing me to buy. I take very good care of myself and have always paid for my rare health care with cash, and 99% of the time was given a discount because of cash.
    Suddenly I am forced to get this so-called health care plan that is costing me $158 per month, that I NEVER once have used. Not once. I’d rather put that money in savings toward an emergency. That’s the cheapest plan there was, that’s giving me some kind of $ off because I said I plan on getting a tax return.
    158 a month might not be much to someone who is well off but to me it’s a car payment, my water, my phone/ internet. It’s another bill that doesn’t fit in my budget. But if I don’t want it, and don’t pay it, Oh now I get fined. I am basically ripping up a couple days pay every month. Thank you Mr. Obama. Wish I hadn’t voted for you.
    Now I voted for Trump and I am tired of reading about how stupid and evil I am. I am just an average person who might have a little different life than you all.