GOPocrisy, Michigan Republicans — December 8, 2016 at 12:13 pm

Michigan GOP argues the recount should stop because there was no voter fraud & that voter suppression bill is need due to voter fraud


I saw a tweet by my pal Roscoe Woods, the president of the largest American Postal Workers Union local in the state of Michigan that made my head spin.

Here’s the tweet:

Roscoe is, of course, completely right. The main argument against the recount is that there’s no election fraud in our state’s elections so there is no need to recount the votes. This all went down the very same day that Republicans in the State House passed legislation that is voter suppression pure and simple. The justication? That we need to eliminate election fraud.


Then another pal, Marcy Wheeler, followed up with this tweet:

And, of course, Marcy is absolutely right, as well. The recount was estimated to cost taxpayers roughly $5 million. But, buried in the voter suppression bill is a $10 million appropriation that makes the bill “democracy proof”, immune from citizen referendum to repeal it.

The hypocrisy with these assholes is beyond measure.

[CC Facepalm image credit: Cesar Astudillo | Flickr]

  • wintercomesearly .

    I don’t know where to put my fury right now.

  • Michiganmitch

    Apparently the Michigan house has passed a bill that would fine picketers, protesters and demonstrators a thousand bucks and the organizations they represent $10K for disrupting commerce. Looks like no Boston Tea Party here. Wonder what happened to the Tea Bag credo re: the blood of tyrants and patriots crappola? The 4th Reich begins here!

  • Nancy Wickman

    That 10 million would be better spent replacing antiquated the voting equipment that they put to use in minority neighborhoods. I was at the recount in Genesee County on Wednesday and I don’t how many precincts couldn’t be counted because there were ballots missing. I personally witnessed some. Some of the election workers recounted them again, then checked the poll book to try and resolve it. But some of them just counted once and, if it didn’t match the number on the seal, they threw them back in the box and resealed it. Of course, the Hitler Youth were everywhere initiating challenges and making sure that they didn’t get counted.