Education — May 24, 2016 at 12:12 pm

Disgraced former Education Achievement Authority Chancellor John Covington loses out on yet another job


John Covington bailed on his position as the Chancellor of the Education Achievement Authority, Gov. Rick Snyder’s failed experiment on Detroit school kids, in June of 2014. He cashed out with a hefty severance package and then went job hunting. He was passed over for a superintendent position with the Richland One School District in South Carolina. Then he was denied a position with the Metro Nashville Public Schools, as well.

His third attempt was with the Youngstown City Schools’ Academic Distress Commission in Ohio. The Commission was set up as a state takeover of Youngstown schools, very much like Emergency Managers do in Michigan. They are currently looking for a CEO for the commission, someone who will have the power to replace school teachers and administrators, determine class size, and set compensation levels for staff. John Covington, not surprisingly, threw his hat into the ring with 16 others.

He didn’t even make the first cut.

It’s good to know that the commission did their homework.

  • Martin Pollard

    Yeah, gee, my heart’s breaking over this sad, sad news. </snark>

  • judyms9

    Teachers have to be certified by most states in order to teach there, but it appears there is no such requirement to be an EM, superintendent, or commissioner. Things are pretty loosey-goosey at the top of the heap.