GOPocrisy, Labor, Michigan Republicans, Republican-Fail — June 14, 2014 at 10:51 am

Michigan GOP backs down from penalizing MSU for labor course once they actually get all the facts


Michigan GOP’s new motto: “(Over)react first, get the facts later”

Last March, Michigan Republicans announced that they were going to essentially fine Michigan State University a half million dollars for having the audacity to provide courses that were, in their words, “encouraging labor disputes”.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the case at all. The courses were not open to undergraduates or graduates but only to “groups hoping to learn more about union organizing”.

Now that the Republicans have gotten the full story, they have decided not to fine one of our state’s finest institutions of higher learning after all:

“As we’ve made the rounds and talked to a number of members, I think as we give them all information, I think there’s fewer concerns than were originally raised,” said David Bertram, MSU’s assistant vice president for state affairs.

Bertram says no taxpayer money is used to support the program.

“As a matter of fact, we actually make a small profit off of this that goes into the graduate program at our school of human resources and labor relations,” he said.

Apparently Michigan Republicans don’t feel the need to educate themselves with all of the facts before (over)reacting in a completely over-the-top and inappropriate manner. All it takes is a whiff of labor support and they are ready to come crashing down on it with their full wrath.

It’s a disgusting but revealing moment in our state. What we’re seeing here is the Michigan GOP in its purest, rawest form: anti-labor corporatists ready to do the bidding of their wealthy benefactors at a moment’s notice, facts be damned.

  • griffon8

    Good news indeed. Minor correction: ‘corporatists ready to *do* the bidding’.

  • Patti

    Snyder, Slimeyville, Bolger, and the rest of the tea-bag Lansing loons are destroying Michigan. We will GOTV and send as many of them packing as possible. Vote Blue and elect Mark Schauer and Gary Peters and every Democrat on the ballot – November 2014.

  • judyms9

    Is their next step to eliminate all references to labor history in the history courses? Will they ban the showing of Tom Sayles great film about the labor struggles of the coal miners, “Matewan,” a film that clearly demonstrates the divide and conquer tactic that is always used to keep people easy to intimidate and manipulate?
    MSU should make no apologies for teaching anything about American labor in the same way no one is apologizing for teaching any other aspect of history, economics or religion. The GOP wants to micro-manage everything it seems which belies their baloney about wanting smaller government.
    And what Patti said.