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Rick Snyder’s videographer and CNN journalist impersonator gets national notice, featured on MSNBC

Good to see that Jeff Steinborn, the Snyder campaign videographer/photographer busted for impersonating a CNN reporter at a Mark Schauer campaign event, is getting some well-deserved national ridicule.

Here he is last night on The Ed Show being skewered by Ed Schultz:

Relentless positive ineptitude?

  • Progressive Republican

    Think he’s shooting’ for a gig at Breitbart?

    • Eclectablog

      Has that vibe, doesn’t it?

      • Progressive Republican

        Yeah. Ewwwwaa…

  • judyms9

    Our politics are just a video game after all, right? Seems like it. It’s just a struggle for the game controllers.

  • Rob Ert

    This is the worst thing to happen since Watergate! And look what the result of that was! Nixon was a disgrace to the Democratic Party……I’m wrong! I’m being told that Nixon was a Republican! Well that means the GOP hasn’t changed their message, or their campaign techniques since the 1970’s!

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