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Ted Nugent’s wife arrested for being too stupid to remember she was carrying a gun through airport security


There should be an IQ test for getting a gun permit

Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane Nugent was arrested yesterday when security agents found a gun in her luggage at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Why did she have a gun in her carry-on luggage?

Because she forgot she was carrying it.

Just putting this question out there: If you’re too goddam stupid to remember you’re packing heat when you’re going through airline security, aren’t you too goddam stupid to have gun permit in the first place?

Answer: Yes.

  • Adrian VanEss

    if you dive in the ocean with your glasses on, are you too stupid to own glasses? … no the glasses are natural to you…like guns are natural to some people…if you don’t wear glasses, you have no idea how much it is taken for granted…sosme people lool for them while they’re wearing them…it is obvious you WANT them to apper ‘stupid’… bias bias bias…. are you capable of another perspective? clean your glasses.

    • Adrian VanEss

      keybrd problems…

      • Your keybrd is the least of your problems.

        • Adrian VanEss

          A leaf on a lake is like a ship on the sea…those who wish to understand that metaphor will understand and see; those who don’t wish to see what is meant will say, “Your keybrd is the least of your problems.” Your response about glasses ‘exactly like guns’ is similar to a person listing why the ‘leaf’ is not like a ‘ship’…what incredible insight on your part….also you have a little foam on your mouth…yes, right there,…that’s better.

    • I suppose you’re right. I mean there are all those signs posted next to the ocean warning people that it’s illegal to wear glasses in the ocean and all those guards around checking to make sure nobody enters the ocean with glasses on and all those scanners you have to go through to ensure you’re not trying to wear glasses in the ocean. Plus glasses can be deadly in the hands of an untrained or malevolent person. When you think about it GLASSES ARE EXACTLY like guns.

    • Maike Hudson

      That’s the problem right there. Guns should never become so “natural” that people don’t even remember they have them. Just like driving shouldn’t become so “natural” that car owners fall into their cars and drive off when they’re too drunk to walk. If people own and/or operate potentially dangerous implements, they should be aware of them at all times.

  • wmrharris

    The problem is less that of forgetfulness per se, but of the promise made to general society when one carries a concealed weapon. That promise is one of responsibility. The advocates of CCW assert that they will be mindful — and most are — but then when one violates that mindfulness? That’s a problem. Society can tolerate mindful gun owners, but careless ones? They’re a danger.

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  • judyms9

    Woman was probably not stupid, just careless, which is its own problem.

    • She’s married to Ted Nugent. I’m going with “stupid”.

      • Nancy Wickman

        If I were married to that lunatic, I might pack heat all the time too. No telling when he’ll turn rabid and need to be put down. Now I’m waiting for Teddy’s Facebook rant.