Rick Snyder — May 30, 2013

The Snyder re-election campaign hands out campaign swag referring to his female supporters as “chicks”


A campaign from the 1970s???

This past week at the Mackinac Policy Conference, women with Governor Rick Snyder’s re-election campaign greeted folks with “Peeps” labeled “I’m a Rick Chick” and “One of the Gov’s PEEPS!”. They were also handing out “I’m a Rick Chick” stickers.

It’s been awhile since I’ve encountered the use of the demeaning and derogatory word “chicks” to describe women. Most people have come to realize how sexist and insulting it is.

When I was a grade schooler, my mom had this poster hanging on our living room wall:

The Snyder campaign is neither cute nor clever by doing this. The women who were involved should be ashamed and Rick Snyder himself should be ashamed. Anyone who thinks he’s not on board with the attacks on women of our state need look no further than this for evidence that our governor’s opinion about women is no more advanced than the chauvinist pigs my mother’s poster was calling out.

C’mon, governor. Join the rest of us in the 21st century. Evolve already.

  • I hope there were some for the guys proclaiming “I’m a Rick d*ck!”

  • Corey Turner

    I am pretty lenient on the “chick” term, to be honest. However, using that in addition with the term “peeps” just makes a middle-aged white nerd guy seem even lamer. They’re trying to be current and fun, and that term is about 10 years old and there is definitely an age limit on who can and who cannot use it without sounding ridiculous.

  • Carolyn 4444

    Wouldn’t “Synder Fighter” or “Synder Igniter” still be election respectable? Heaven help us if they go after the Latino vote in Michigan with “I’m a Rick Spic”! Personally, I’m for “Schauer Power”!!!

    • Great comment.

    • EvaV

      Carolyn… This Yooper is with you. “Schauer Power” !

  • Derek Beauchemin

    I’m still not going to burn my Dire Straits collection over this.

    • Why would you? “Chicks for free” was mocking ignorant people.

      • Derek Beauchemin

        I know… just poking fun at “Money for nothing” and Dixie Chicks.

  • Rick Snyder is a joke

    Derogatory? Not intentionally. Lame? Oh yeah. Kol Aid Man lame.

    • EvaV

      He is stupid lame.