Michigan Democrats coalesce around Gary Peters for Senate and Mark Schauer for Governor


This is good. This is VERY good

Two Democrats first elected to Congress together in 2008 are rapidly becoming the unrivaled choices of the Michigan Democrats. This bodes well for uncontested primaries for both of them which will help them use their campaign treasuries for beating their Republican opponents and avoiding bruising primary races.

Earlier this week, Senator Debbie Stabenow sent out an endorsement letter for Congressman Gary Peters for U.S. Senate. It said, in part:

Gary’s experience and expertise — from 22 years as a successful businessman to over a decade of service in the U.S. Navy Reserve — make him an outstanding advocate for Michigan.

Senator Levin has spent his career fighting for middle class families. We need to make sure the person that gets this post next is ready to do the same. Gary is the person for the job, and the independent-minded, tireless middle class advocate I need fighting with me in the Senate.

Yesterday, the entire Democratic caucus endorsed Mark Schauer for Governor. Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow along with Congressman John Dingell, John Conyers, Sander Levin, Gary Peters and Dan Kildee sent this letter to Mark Schauer:

As members of Michigan’s Democratic Congressional delegation, we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with you in our service to our state and nation.

That’s why we support you and encourage and strongly encourage your candidacy for Governor of our state, and we write to let you know we will be proud to support you. You’ve always been guided by principle, and you’ve always been on the side of the people versus the powerful special interests.

We need a new direction in Lansing, and we know from your long record of public service that you will lead Michigan in a better direction that works for all people, creates good middle class jobs, and makes Michigan a global leader again.

We stand ready to work along-side you to move Michigan forward.

Thank you for your leadership and we look forward to working with you.


Debbie Stabenow
Carl Levin
John Dingell
John Conyers
Sander Levin
Gary Peters
Dan Kildee

Also yesterday, state Representative Vicki Barnett dropped her bid for Governor leaving Schauer as the lone (an, as yet, unannounced candidate.) Chris Gautz of Crain’s Detroit sent out this tweet announcing it:

I can’t recall the last time Michigan was this cohesive and united. I don’t for certain that this being orchestrated by the MDP under new chair Lon Johnson but I highly approve.

Since both Peters and Schauer are veteran fundraisers and campaigners and are solidly rooted in Democratic politics, they hardly need a primary to hone their message or prepare them for the general election. Having candidates of this caliber at the top of the ticket this early in the process bodes well for Democratic turnout for voter registration, get out the vote and at the polls.

2014 is going to be a VERY interesting year.

  • Z54

    I hope like hell that Nancy Skinner runs for office again and primary’s Gary Peters and kicks his ass!

    • Marsh

      No no no… she should run for Congress or State senate and turn a red seat blue!

  • Marsh

    A very good development…

    Seems Democrats have actually learned something.

    Last year a guy ran for office around here… but that guy was gay. Because of that, they (meaning the powers-that-be) recruited another candidate to run. Then they told the gay candidate to drop out. When he refused to, they slandered him, suggesting that he wanted to eliminate Social Security, or that he wasn’t “from here” (a lie most often pushed by a certain city commissioner…)

    We got our posteriors handed to us in the general election.

    That better not happen in 2014. And it looks like it won’t.

  • judy

    Now let’s put those names together and make them household words. Peters military background is a plus. It wasn’t that long ago that Michigan was an important military state.

  • John Dolza

    This is great news but I have a few basic questions like –

    Where to contact these 2 campaigns – there’s no websites up but someone has to be available – who do we contact to get involved even this early ?

    Lieutenant Governor nods …. ? Any thoughts on the #2 slot ?

    House seats ? 2010 Gerrymandering really REALLY hurts …. but there’s got to be a few seats to flip.

  • Phil

    Given the recent intel communications disclosures from the Guardian and Washington Post and the FISA legislation that Gary Peters voted for in 2012, will that affect whether dems will vote for him as a senatorial candidate?