GOPocrisy — March 9, 2013

Fox News worries about the kids who can’t visit the White House — but not the poor kids who could starve


Think of the children — no, not those children!

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 9.08.59 AMFox News is in an uproar because of a sequester cut that forces Republicans to have to actually explain to their constituents that the sequester which they voted for, twice now, actually exists.

The White House has suspended tours as of Saturday. Thus congressmen will temporarily be barred from handing out ticket to see the actual windows Ann Romney already had her curtains picked out for.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN! screams Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Eric Boiling.

They’re being deprived HISTORY.

Of course, as the sequester begins to roll out in earnest, there are actually kids to worry about: the poor ones.

The National Memo‘s Joe Conason explains:

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which began to warn of sequestration’s very real impact weeks ago, the government will have to turn away as many as 775,000 women and children who qualify for WIC, the “highly effective” national nutrition program. Back when there was bipartisan opposition to letting people starve, legislators of both parties worked to ensure that WIC funding was sufficient to enroll every qualified family. Everyone seemed to agree that the program’s cost was trivial compared with the social, moral, and yes, economic benefits of properly feeding all hungry infants and children.

WIC was signed into law during the Nixon administration. “More than half of all infants and a quarter of all children aged one to five receive WIC benefits,” according to a 2007 study.

And since the sustenance it provides helps the poor children who often end up on Medicaid develop healthily, the program is extremely cost effective. An estimated $1.77 to $3.13 in Medicaid costs is saved for each $1 spent on WIC.

Cutting WIC is dumb. And that’s the point of the sequester. The cuts are supposed to be dumb — that’s why we should just cancel it. But since the cuts are slowly rolling out and likely to be blunted for the middle class by the improving economy, canceling White House tours is a way of communicating the actual stupidity of the sequester to average American family.

Hannity and Boiling want to raise the money to keep the tours going because of the the kids! Raw Story‘s David Edwards points out that money could provide 90,000 food stamp meals. It could also help countless families on WIC.

By cancelling White House tours, the president has opened himself up for potential criticism of his travel and audacious willingness to play golf on a weekend — criticism he would have gotten anyway.

But if Fox News is going to scream about the kids, how about screaming about the kids who are going to be screaming because they’re starving.

Of course, the GOP is just trolling here. Kids being deprived historical knowledge is only good for the bottom line. For those who don’t learn from history are doomed to watch Fox News.

  • gloriay

    Or whose parents cannot find a job, or cannot afford health care. Fox as usual has its priorities mixed up, advocacy for the wealthy and ignore everyone else.

  • Bob

    Canceling White House tours was idiotic in the first place. I think it made good headlines. I think the White House has their priorities mixed up. How much did stopping the tours save?

    • HoldenLitgo

      According to Secret Service, 74k a week.

  • laprofe63

    It’s almost like a knee-jerk reaction on their part. Any decision made by the WH, find the angle and stick it to Obama. The GOP-tea party couldn’t care less about any of it (do they really want us to start thinking about how much golf they play?).

    They just want to complain and criticize, doom and gloom should be their new motto. The GOP-tea party think if they throw enough you-know-what at Obama, something will stick and presto-change-o they’ll start winning elections again. HAHAHA!! Fools.

    What they don’t realize is they look absurd. They are damaging what little reputation they had after GWB took them to clown city.

    • Bob

      Doom and gloom? That’s Obama’s motto

    • toddyo1935

      See this Tea Party guy’s post above. Say your prayers tonight!

  • MrCrazyCanuck

    What do you think would be more appealing to redneck americains; Obama aint lettin our right, white, gawd fearin murican chillun see mit romney; or; as of 2010, approximately 34 million people have contracted HIV globally? It sells, so fox will keep selling bullshit until rednecks decide to dust off their brains and take them for a metaphorical spin

  • toddyo1935

    Years ago before things really got upside down, the National Association of Life Underwriters did a study on the cost of assistance to people in need. e.g., if I need a dollar and you give me a dollar, I got a dollar. If you give your dollar to a local charity, church or whatever, I can get 80 cents .(plus a lot of love). If you pay $1 in state taxes, the state will be able to give me 50 cents in services. If you pay $1 in Federal taxes, the Feds will only have 25 cents – two bits in service available to me (with absolutely no capacity for love)..

    That’s why the principles of subsidiarity (the opposite of entitlement) and solidarity (e pluribus unum) must work together. Under subsidiarity, the higher up the social ladder you go for help, the less time the helping entity is involved. Under solidarity, we are all responsible for one another. Screw up subsidiarity you get elitism. Screw up solidarity, you get dependence. They have to work together.

    It’s clear that when we rely on the Federal government to take care of us, it costs 4 times as much and to make it worse, it is paid with money borrowed into existence at interest. The net result of that is constant inflation – or loss of value of the dollar, I call it “tribute” the money borrowed into existence on the value of your and my hard work and creativity, plus the nation’s natural resources, coupled with the opportunity to apply our gifts, talents and resources without harassment. Our job is to apply our gifts and talents and be good stewards of the environment because we want to – not because some bureaucrat wants to “eat out my substance”.

    There’s nothing “progressive” about the way our dear leaders are screwing up our lives. Take it from a poor old very pissed off Republican (seriously), who co-founded a local food bank that for over 20 years feeds lots of kids and their families without tax dollars; who ran a maternity home with my wife where we helped salvage more than a few young women’s lives and saw their children through to some level of normalcy.

    I didn’t mean for this to get so long, but if there is any intellectual curiosity out there, you might consider reading this link:

    It’s heavy duty stuff, but if need be, just do a word search on subsidiarity and solidarity., especially #58. Happy Day!

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