Labor — December 9, 2012

Support Walmart strikers, check out the Walmart Holiday Calendar to learn more about their abuse of workers


Another day, another abuse

The Corporate Action Network describe themselves as “a hub to support campaigns that work to expose, end and prosecute corporate abuse and to restore balance to our economy, creating a more prosperous and just society.” Their latest effort is in support of striking Walmart workers. Spurred by the Black Friday demonstrations at Walmart stores, they have created a “Walmart Holiday Calendar” that lets people stay involved through the holiday season and stay in touch with the campaign.

Every day, from now through the end of the year, a new abuse of Walmart workers is revealed.

Click the image to see the Walmart Holiday Calendar

Have some fun with it. You’ll learn something along the way including how YOU can support striking Walmart workers.

  • kirke123

    aunions built michigan. unions gave us the 40 hr work week. unions gave us the weekend. but, the union leaders just dont have the interest to fight nor does the mi dem party. wisconsin, now that was a fight and even though the gov was not recalled many were and the solidarity strenghth they gave each other has turned the electorate into a machine.

    in michigan the education leaders our hiding in bed with their pillow over their head. the dem party has no voice from their leadership. the aft, although strong in chicago, are nowhere to be found. this is not a solidarity machine, but a bunch of scarry cats!
    and, although virg is getting angry on eds show i dont see him putting together a colilation to take back government for the people. HELLO, anybody there?

  • Concerned

    Chris and Ann, Thanks for your hard work about what is going on in Lansing. See you Tuesday.

    • Anne will be there in the morning. I won’t get there until around 4 since I have to work.