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A bit of truth-telling about the Lansing “Hot Dog Guy” whose “cart was destroyed by union thugs”


Wrong place, wrong time

The right wingnut blogosphere is apoplectic that Lansing, Michigan’s iconic “Hot Dog Guy”, Clinton Tarver, was a victim of union thug violence at yesterday’s anti-Right to Work for Less rally. The reality is that Tarver is simply a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He also happens to be married to the Michigan Republican Party’s Ethnic Caucus Vice-Chair — perhaps one of the loneliest leadership positions in the entire state.

MLive has the story:

A fixture on the local food scene was in the wrong place at the wrong time Tuesday: under the Americans for Prosperity tent on the lawn of the state Capitol when it collapsed, allegedly at the hands of pro-union protesters.

Clinton Tarver operates a popular hot dog stand at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Capitol Avenue, across from the state Capitol, from March to November each year.

In the offseason, he takes on catering work.

Tarver was set up under the Americans for Prosperity tent, his wife, Linda Lee Tarver, said Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, he got caught up in the mayhem yesterday,” she said.Tarver had been hired by the conservative, anti-union group to cater in the tent the group set up.

When the tent came down, allegedly at the hands of pro-union protesters, Tarver and his catering equipment were caught inside.

His cart was not on-site, Linda said.

This is a far cry from the all-caps-can-you-believe-what-these-union-thugs-did freak out by conservatives who would have you believe that Tarver lost his entire livelihood at the hands of union goons. Tarver was set up on some tables under the tent and did not even have his cart. He must have had a very slow day. Anyone who was at the rally and wandered by the two giant AFP tents will tell you that they were essentially empty all day. There were a few AFP folks standing out front, taunting union members and provoking confrontations, but there was not a lot of activity inside the tent where Tarver was.

Nonetheless, much like, Kenneth Gladney, the St. Louis guy who faked getting injured at the hands of union members then solicited funds for his hospital bills even though he had health insurance, a collection has been taken up on Tarver’s behalf. According the article, they have raised over $10,000 for him (UPDATE: MIRS News reports that it’s now over $16,000.) The total value of what he lost in the scuffle?


I wonder what they’ll do with the thousands of extra dollars not needed to buy more buns, hot dogs, ketchup, mustard and a couple of folding tables and coolers?

Certainly Clint Tarver didn’t deserve to be treated as shabbily as he was by the union folks there. His wife claims he was called a “nigger” and jeered for working for the enemy. If true, that’s reprehensible and inexcusable. But the off-the-charts poutrage from the right on this is an absolute joke. Some of the same people decrying the verbal taunts that Tarver experiencde are here on this very website calling union members all sorts of hideous names. So let’s keep it real, shall we?

To their credit, the House Democrats released a statement showing their support for Tarver:

Everyone who works in and around the state Capitol knows Clint Tarver as ‘the hot dog guy,’ a man who is appreciated for his smiles and friendly greetings as much as he is for the food he serves.

The House Democratic Caucus was disappointed to learn that some of his equipment was damaged during ‘right-to-work’ protests yesterday. Violence of any kind is never acceptable, and it’s particularly dismaying when it happens to someone so beloved by the Capitol community. We look forward to supporting Tarver’s business and hiring him to cater a caucus lunch next year.

One more thing: if you’d like to meet Clint Tarver in person, I’m hearing that he’ll be selling hot dogs outside Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville’s office tomorrow, capitalizing on his newfound political fame with Republicans. Stop by and buy a dog.

Adding… Let’s not kid ourselves about what “Tentgate” and “Hot Doggate” are all about: distracting the country from noticing that corporatist ideologues have turned the birthplace of American organized labor into a Right to Work for Less state. It’s a smokescreen, chaff to make sure the conversation is not about screwing union members and is, instead, about the AFP losing a couple of tents.

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  • Tarver’s experience merely proves the old adage about lying down with dogs…

    • JimTreacher


    • Plantsmantx


  • la58

    I saw someone come in pick up a couple of crockpots from the tent, was it him don’t know.

  • Yeah, you’re right… It would only be pathetically indefensible stupidity on there part of union thugs if there had been MORE damage and someone would have become SERIOUSLY injured… Progressive Toolbags. . .. Once again attempting to defend the indefensible because your socialist propaganda narrative needs to fit. Unions WERE a wonderful voice for good until they metasticised into the parasitic corruption-filled thugs and leftist that fund the DNC, turn their backs on the rank and file and betray the very tenets of freedom that the idea of union representation supported. This entire event was about union money and DNC power, not union defense. The membership is once again duped into being used so the political money machine can feign concern and prop up their money sources.

    • J

      I see struggle and poverty in your union-free future.

      • LissaKay

        Yep. Duped.

        • J

          Unless you’ve managed to save 20-30% of your lifetime earnings for your retirement in low-cost, total-market index funds and I-Bonds, I’m skeptical that you will fare any better than Steve. Good luck.

          • LissaKay

            We’ve planned for retirement and we’ll be fine. The company I work for provides a generous pension in addition to other savings and investment opportunities. I can negotiate the terms of my employment myself. I have no need to be part of a collective and abrogate my rights to the will of a majority. Thanks for your concern but I am a free American and thank God every day that I live in a Right to Work state.

            Oh dear, does my saying that that now give you the right to punch me out?

          • J

            The only thing a “Right to Work” state gives you is the “right” to enjoy union benefits without paying the union that negotiated those benefits a dime. Are you claiming that you work at a union shop and freeload union benefits (like a “generous pension”) without paying the union at that company?

            If not, how does the “Right to Work” law of your state personally benefit you?

          • LissaKay

            No. It gives me the right to accept employment without being forced to join a union and without being forced to give the money I earn to an organization to use to support political efforts with which I disagree. It gives me the right to negotiate the terms of my employment myself. It allows me to do my job as a part of a team in which we all work together effectively and efficiently, not bound by overly strict “job descriptions” and other such nonsense. It gives my boss the right to fire people for incompetence, negligence and unsafe work behavior which keeps me and my colleagues and customers safer and protects the integrity of the business without being forced to keep such workers due to union nonsense. There is no union in my workplace and we’re all so much happier for it. There is no union in our family business and we are so much more prosperous and have happier employees because of it. There’s very few unions at all in this state, and for the most part, they tend to business quite nicely, quietly and without much fuss, because they know if they pull the crap like they did in Michigan or Wisconsin, they’d be out of here in a heartbeat.

          • J

            Union dues do not apply to “political efforts.” You are confusing union dues with optional contributions to union PACs.

            Please tell me the name of the state in which you live. I need to avoid moving there at all costs.

          • LissaKay

            Just stay out of Right to Work states – we’re the ones operating in the black for the most part, with plenty of jobs and businesses opening up and expanding. You can stay in your union shop, a slave to the will of the collective, and you can keep on being duped by your union overlords. We can keep on being free. And prosperous.

          • J

            If Right-to-Work is so awesome, why are Michigan firefighters and police officers exempt from from the wonderful new Right-to-Work legislation?

          • LissaKay

            I’m not a firefighter or police officer in Michigan, so I wouldn’t know. If that’s their choice, great. If someone is forcing them to stay in unions, it sucks to be them … seriously.

            Why do you not want people to have a choice? Why do you believe every worker should be FORCED to join a union? And have decisions made for them by a collective to which they are a slave? Don’t you believe in freedom?

          • Zelda

            Who knows/cares? Why do you want to force people to join unions? That’s not what a free country does.

          • Michiganmitch won’t answer your question.

          • Michiganmitch

            I answer all, Mel. The question is absurd on its face and reanswering a question about labor law that I have already covered is a poor use of my time. I don’t care if you don’t join, However, I want you to pay services that the unions are compelled to perform on your behalf. Is that constitutional, compelling unions to provide free services to non-paying non-members forcing paying members and non-members to cover the costs. Sounds like a deprivation of property without due process to me.

          • Michiganmitch

            Union membership cannot be used as a condition of employment so you appear ignorant. Your talking points are as inaccurate as Gov Synder’s. Union workers have a choice. They or their predesessors ELECTED BY MAJORITY VOTE to certify a union and they can vote by majority to de-certify at any time . Are you a citizen of the U.S. Are you a slave? This is about paying a fee for service since RTW allows non-members to free=load, accepting the advantages without paying the bill. The freedumb crap you swallowed is coporate propaganda that you have swallowed.

          • LissaKay

            In non-Right to Work states, union membership in union shops is required as a condition of employment. That is the WHOLE POINT of RTW legislation – it gives people the CHOICE to join the union or not.

            And you’re calling ME ignorant? Seriously?

            When the union can offer people benefit and services they value, they will gladly join and fork over their cash. If not, they won’t. It is therefore incumbent on the union to make their offer something that is attractive and offers value. I have never been offered anything by a union that would compel me to join. Being a resident of a RTW state, I can make the choice for myself.

            But thanks for giving us an example of how unions operate … bullying, personal attacks, insults. I wonder though, in the real world, would you be taking a swing at me? Or are you an online blowhard only?

          • Yes, you ARE ignorant if you can’t grasp this. Our Governor was equally ignorant until our Democratic Congressional caucus educated him (without impact, clearly.)
            Here: “>educate yourself

          • Zelda

            If union membership “cannot be used as a condition of employment” then you live in a RTW state. Unions are not required to represent non members. That legislation has not changed. This is about forcing people to pay union dues who don’t want to. Unions need that money.

          • Michiganmitch

            Again, you really need to get the facts. The talking points you are paid to pass along are in err. Since at least the mid-’60’s, you have not been required to join a union to get a job in a union shop (’65 in Michigan as negotiated by Sander Levin and Geoge Romney, yeah THAT Romney) and yes, unions are required to represent ALL in the bargaining unit. Unions are able to charge a fee for service in non-RTW states to recover costs of representation for those who would freeload. (like you) Contibutions to PACs are not required, period. RTW is about allowing those who don’t join to get the benefits without paying which will eventually bankrupt the protectors of the middle class. Don’t expect any more resonse from me until you get schooled up. I don’t have time for the ignorant.

          • I think you need to get the “Facts”

            Nothing in federal law prevents union officials and employers from negotiating contracts in which the employer recognizes the union for its members only.

            From a study done in 2004;

            Effects of Right to Work Laws on Employees, Unions and Businesses
            By John Cooper

            They also cite William Gould’s 1993 book, Agenda For Reform, as evidence. Gould, a former union lawyer, Stanford law professor, and former Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, wrote in his book “[that federal] law permits ‘members-only’ bargaining without regard to majority rule or an appropriate unit and without regard to exclusivity” (Greer, Union Representation).

            There has also been a Supreme court decision regarding this;

            Justice William Brennan’s 1962 opinion for the unanimous U.S. Supreme Court in Retail Clerks v. Lion Dry Goods which
            acknowledged not only exclusive contracts representing all of the workers but also the possibility of members-only contracts representing some of the workers: (Greer, Union Representation)

            Section 301(a) of the Labor Management Relations
            [Taft-Hartley] Act, 1947, which confers on federal district courts jurisdiction over suits “for violation of contracts between an employer and a labor organization representing employees in an industry affecting” interstate commerce, applies to a suit to enforce a strike settlement agreement between an employer in an industry affecting interstate commerce and local labor unions representing some, but not a majority, of its employees. (Greer, Union Representation)

            The term “labor organization representing employees,” as used in
            301(a), is not limited to labor organizations which are entitled to recognition as exclusive bargaining agents of employees. (Greer, Union Representation)

            So whatever your union, or the AFL-CIO is telling you is wrong.
            Unless you can back it up with actual facts, instead of heresay.
            Or just call me names

          • Michiganmitch

            You make my point. Perhaps reading comprehension isn’t your forte. You may want to re-read what you copied. As I previously said, unions are required to represent or offer protections on demand to all members of the bargaining unit whther they pay dues or not.

          • Zelda

            Sorry, but you are still incorrect. You are just passing along union propaganda. This is about forcing people to join a union against their will for benefits they would prefer to negotiate for themselves. If you are exceptionally skilled, why on earth do you want to be held back by collective bargaining? Unions reward incompetence and thuggery. Once protections for workers are part of the law, then unions become obsolete.

          • J

            Republicans “forced” police officers and firefighters to be exempt from right-to-work legislation, because they want those two union groups to keep voting for Republicans.

          • Plantsmantx

            Seven of the ten poorest states in the Union (ahem) are “right to work” states.

          • Zelda

            Lie. The union states are in debt up to their eyeballs and losing jobs by the thousands. You’ve killed the goose.

          • Plantsmantx

            It’s not a lie. Of the ten states with the lowest median incomes, seven of them are so-called “right to work” states.

          • Michiganmitch

            Almost all states require by law a balanced budget so your statement is laughable out of hand.

          • LissaKay

            And most of them struggle to fulfill that requirement, many fail and most of those are non-RTW states. How is California doing these days? How about Michigan, especially with her crown jewel Detroit?

            Ahhh freedom! It’s smells like … prosperity!

          • J

            Last I checked, California was the eighth-largest economy in the world. It’s doing great.

          • As a native Californian, I can tell you that California is NOT doing great whatsoever. The state is nearly broke, thanks to not only the Democrat politician’s love affair with illegal aliens but the bloated pay, benefits, and pension funds of our unionized state workers. Our costs for gas, housing, and the overall cost of living are among the highest in the country. Some of the highest local unemployment figures in the country (>20%) are found in our agricultural areas including Fresno, Stockon, Merced and El Centro. Millions of Californians have already relocated in other states including Arizona, Utah and Texas due to the lower cost of living AND better prospects for employment there. In fact my own company (small high-tech start-up) is contemplating relocation from the Los Angeles area to Phoenix – and the majority of employees (particularly the younger ones) are all FOR it, because they don’t see how they will ever be able to get ahead in a state where you can’t even buy a 2BR fixer-upper for under $300K. You clearly have NO clue what’s going on outside your little world of union and Democrat spoonfed propaganda. Get a clue…

          • Michiganmitch

            Lkkk- union overlords, duely elected by the membership represented. What about the corporate overlords? Do you sit on the board of your master er,uh employer? Lapdogs like you are common in the south, where are you from Texas?. The sharecropper mentality has endured now for well over a century and is essential in maintaining the 2 class social structure of the old conferderacy. Assuming you are not a piad troll, I feel sorry for you.

          • LissaKay

            Umm yeah. So you’re doing a REALLY good job of convincing people that unions are a good thing with your name-calling, personal attacks, racism and bullying. Way to go!

            But if you can, answer this, what do you do when the union makes a decision for you that you don’t like? What if, in the vote, you’re one of the minority that is outvoted by the majority? Do you just suck it up and go along with it, even though you don’t like it? Do you quit your job? Do you try to negotiate better terms for your job …. oh wait, you can’t. Option 1 is your only choice.

            Freedom is great. You should try it.

          • Zelda

            Are you aware that unions don’t actually provide your paycheck?

          • Stan De San Diego

            Mitch has no clue…

          • Stan De San Diego

            ” Do you sit on the board of your master er,uh employer?”

            I own stock in my company, which means I can actively vote for the Board of Directors that has the power to hire (or fire) my CEO in the first place. That’s how it really works in the corporate world. By any chance do YOU own any stock in the company you work for. Or do you like to complain about things when you really have no skin in the game.

          • Michiganmitch

            And I am sure in troll incarnation you own controlling interest. Are you also a successful businessman under a different troll moniker? BRAHAHAHAHA

          • Stan De San Diego

            Looks like Michiganmitch has never heard of stock ownership.

          • Michiganmitch

            Stan- get a life, his thread is a freakin month old and you lost. BTW, Stan , I live off of my invesrments.

          • Michiganmitch

            RTW are easy to dupe. LiasKKK is living proof.

          • Zelda

            LissaKKK? From the people who just destroyed a black man’s business because “he was in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

          • They did not destroy his business. Get a grip.

          • Zelda

            Yeah, they did. But it’s ok. They’re Democrats.

          • And called him a nigger while doing it. But then, they round up poor black kids every day and sell them to educrat cartels to get donations for their candidates. Which is what this whole issue is about.

          • LissaKay

            Wow. Racist much? Grow up …

          • Zelda

            Union dues absolutely apply to political efforts. You have to go through reams of red tape if you want your dues to be excluded from political donations.

          • Michiganmitch

            If that is too hard, how then do manage going in to the CEO’s office and negotiate better terms for yourself? Another totally laughable statement that you have made.

          • Zelda

            How do you manage to get/keep a job when businesses are moving to other states?

          • Michiganmitch

            Synder has been trying to take credit for the last year about Michigan ranking 11th among the states in the U.S. in GDP growth in 2011 although experts laugh in that nothing he has done has encouraged businesses to move in. His tax plan that gave business a big kiss while the burden was shifted shamelessly to seniors, the middle-class and public education in order to lure in businesses has been a dismal failure. Again, tax breaks to the wealthy don’t create jobs, demand for goods and services does. The jobs he was claiming credit for are represented by the dramatic resurgence of the auto companies and the 250,000 jobs (many in Michigan)they have created and of course the suppliers and businesses around plants. Any other development can be traced to Jennifer Granholm’s green initiatives with an assist to Obama’s green energy program. Synder’s reversal came last month after the resounding Republican defeat signaled to the corporate masters that this was their last chance to act since Democracy is returning to the USA signaling the beginning of the end for the facist insurgency. ALEC, the Kochs and Devoss demanded he and the legislature act in the lame-duck threatening millions in money bombs to finace radical primary opponents. Their chains got pulled and they acted. Zel, you really ought to get more informed if you want to debate me. You are pathetic!

          • Keep drinking the Kool-Aid

          • Zelda

            I’m always amused by the gnashing of teeth over “tax breaks” by the same people who had no problem with the auto industry bailouts. Let’s try to put this simply for you. If you were going to establish a company with nationwide distribution, would you go where you pay more taxes or less? And there are no green jobs. I don’t know where you are getting your information, but a debate requires statistics. You don’t provide any.

          • Michiganmitch

            The interwebs abound with acticles and papers on the growth of wind and solar power and the jobs associted with both, not to mention battery technologies and the factories in Michigan that have opened up. As I drove north on highway 127 north of Lansing last month enroute to a deer hunting destination, I saw dozens upon dozens of wind mills for miles that had been built and was surprized since the year prior there were none. Guess someone planted windmill seeds. It was time we got our bailout (loans) since Wall Street has taken advantage of Too Big to Fail for decades while the petrol industry has been proped by by taxpayers almost forever with costly annual subsides. Zelda, read my posts, I seem to be the only one that IS providing stats and data. Guess your alternate reality bubble won’t let the truth in.

          • Michiganmitch
          • Stan De San Diego

            “If that is too hard, how then do manage going in to the CEO’s office and negotiate better terms for yourself?”

            I have done that several times this year and openly discussed my future with the CEO. That’s because I’m skilled, educated, capable of engaging in a civil discussion with others, and have impressed the CEO with my value to the company. Of course, I can see your point. If you’re a stupid, uneducated, violent and ignorant low-class thug, I can’t imagine that any successful, self-respecting human being would even want to get his hands dirty in personally dealing with you.

          • pttomk

            You are incorrect on this point. I ran my union’s PAC committee for several years. No union dues are ever used for political efforts. Employees are free to donate to the PAC as they see fit. This is a federal election law, regardless of which state you live in. No reams of red tape are required to keep your money from going to political efforts, you either give of your own free will or you don’t. Another false claim by union opponents to rile up the base. Get it right before you make these claims.

          • Zelda

            No, you are incorrect. A PAC is not the only fund or organization for political efforts. Dues go to pay lobbyists who work strictly for the union and not the PAC.

          • They always lie. It depends on what the meaning of is is.

          • “You are incorrect on this point. I ran my union’s PAC committee for
            several years. No union dues are ever used for political efforts.”

            Nah, you had your buddies Moose and Vito from that family in New Joisey taking care of dat angle, right?

          • Evidence. I want sources. This isn’t Fox News where “some people say” will suffice. Facts matter.

          • trs6184

            where do you thing the union gets the money but right out of your pocket

          • Oshaboy

            No, a right to work state means that each individual is allowed to choose whether they want to be free or work for a union. A non-right to work state FORCES each employee of a union shop to have their union dues taken from their paycheck. Hate to tell you, but more states will be doing away with the biggest union benefit soon. Currently, ALL union employers have to collect the union dues and send them to the union. Soon, they won’t have to and the individual union members will have to send in their dues…..Uh oh, they then will get to decide if that $71 per paycheck payment is worth it or if the Pres of the union deserves 200k to “fight” for that extra $2 per hour. In states where that has passed, union membership has dropped 35%. That trend will continue.

          • J

            Non-union people who live in right-to-work states make $1500 less per year and have less health insurance and pension coverage than non-union people who live in non-right-to-work states.

            Right-to-work = struggle and poverty.

          • tweell

            Non-union people who live in right-to-work states have a lower unemployment rate. I’d rather have a job paying $1500 less, it’s better than being unemployed.
            Union = struggle and poverty.

          • Zelda

            No, they don’t. That’s a lie.

          • And pay much less than that in union dues, taxes, etc.

          • The Victor

            Balanced by not being forced to support lazy union thug/ bosses with “dues”.

          • Michiganmitch

            …and one day soon, the middle class will vanish from the earth.

          • Michiganmitch

            $71 per check??? The UAW sets dues percentage at 1.5% and most other unions charge an amount in that ballpark. Either you are lying about the amount or are seriously misinformed giving rise to the notion that you haver never benn in a union. If you got paid weekly. the income needed to generate dues of that level would be in excess of $236K, bi-weekly over $118K or monthly over $56K. If you meant monthly the annual total would be $852 tax dedectable. That $2/hr raise that you referrenced as if it was too small to justify the expense of union dues would generate $4,000/year . The return on the “investment” in that case would be 560%. No wonder you were so easily duped and swallowed that FREEDUMB line fed to you by your corporatist masters.

          • Zelda

            Wrong. If you choose not to be represented by the union, the union has no legal obligation to represent you. But they don’t like it when you do that because they want your money. Unions are obsolete and they continue to prove it with their violence and corruption.

          • Federal law compels unions to represent EVERY worker. You are completely incorrect in this statement.

          • Michiganmitch

            Being wrong on the facts doesn’t seem to phase these people. Typical conservatives!

          • Zelda

            Federal law absolutely does not.

          • Roger MEA Retired

            Under federal law the union still has to negotiate for you and represent you whether you pay dues or not. Sorry to have to burst our bubble.

          • Mary Jane

            J yes it also protects you from being robbed to pay the big salaries of the fat cat Union bosses and from paying to support political policies one disagrees with. Union are evil communistic in nature and need to be destroyed. We no longer need unions they are corrupt and serve only the bosses. I bet you are one!

          • Almost no one works for a company with a union. Unions are almost entirely government sector organizations that exploit parents, students, and taxpayers.

          • The major unions in the U.S., like the one that caused Hostess to close their doors, have pension funds that are 50-60% UNDERFUNDED. That means, if they cannot INCREASE dues-paying roles, the fund will run out of money before the people that paid into it are dead! This is the main reason they went after Walmart on Black Friday. The truth is out there…..

          • Michiganmitch

            Hostess pension fund is gone for 2 reasons. The markets have suffered tremendous losses due to the Bushpression and the Bain-like private equity company that has been running the show expropriated the fund to pay 7 fiqure bonuses to execs who ran the company into the ground and divedends to stockholders as they systematically loaded the company up with debt and extracted all of the assets. Please get informed before you beclown yourself again.

          • “Beclown” FTW…

          • Michiganmitch

            Could you give me a cleaned-up version of what FTW means?

          • “For the win”

          • Zelda

            Oh please. Even the teamsters told that stupid Hostess baker’s union to take the deal. You can spout the usual Leftist regurgitations, but they could have stayed employed and now they aren’t. Maybe the union should refund their dues.

          • Foxtrot Tango Whisky

          • Michiganmitch

            For the Win

          • Bush as been out of office for nearly 4 years now. Obama and the Democrats own the current ongoing recession, not the Republicans.

          • Michiganmitch

            Wrong! The Bush Great Recession is the second largest downturn in well over one hundred. years. Like the Great Republican Depression of the ’30’s, the loss of demand from the rupture of the housing bubble has yet to be replaced. Read up on it and check back. As Clinton pointed out, NO PRESIDENT COULD HAVE UNDONE THE DAMAGE IN FOUR YEARS, especially with non-stop traitorous obstruction. Bush owns it, ask the American people.

          • “The Bush Great Recession is the second largest downturn in well over one hundred.”

            Once again, Bush is no longer in office, you bloviating idiot. What are you people going to do, keep blaming Bush for another 4 years? When do Obama and Democrats start taking responsibility for the fact that unemployment and the economy have NOT improved since Obama took office nearly 4 years ago?

          • Michiganmitch

            Once again, recessions of this magnitude take years to undo. Appatently you have never taken an econ class or understood economics. Most conservatives fall into that category.

            Read and weep!


          • “Once again, recessions of this magnitude take years to undo.”

            You seem to conveniently ignore that fact that during most of Bush’s tenure the economy did reasonably well. Unemployment was around 6.0.-6.5%, inflation was under control, and the economy steadily grew, even with the huge economic hit of 9/11. OTOH, the WORST month of unemployment under Bush was STILL better than the AVERAGE month under Obama, inflation and fuel prices are increasing – and what’s Obama doing again? The economy is NOT improving under Obama – it’s getting worse. Once again, you’re making lame excuses for your failed hero.

          • Michiganmitch

            Are you capable of reading a chart and following trend lines? Look at the graphics I sent you! BTW, Fuel prices are falling like a rock and the only time gas has EVER averaged over $4 /g was in Sept of 2008. Inflation? NONEXISTENT and actually a dose up to 4% would help those underwater pay down motgage debt and make American products more competitive overseas, stimulating the economy. Here I am trying to educate you for free and you are choosing willfull ignorance as Steve Schmidt put it when referring to Sarah Palin.

          • Your select graphics ignore the fact that unemployment under Obama is far worse than under Bush, that fuel prices (when adjusted for seasonal fluctuations) are higher than under Bush, and that there are more people living below the poverty level than under Bush.

          • Michiganmitch

            Wow, only 5 years after the 2nd worst collapse perhaps in history, and more people are in poverty. SHOCKING!!!! You make my “recessions of this magnitude” point, thanks. I see that you are unable to assess cause and effect, another short-coming that you exhibit, and you with all those “marketable” skills. I bet your “skills” are in sales. (misleading customers and being able to lie with a straight face) Mel- all credible economists AND the overwhelming majority of the population agree that this IS the Bush mess and it will still take time to replace demand.(check election results) Remember too, progress is retarded when cons try to divert attention to long-term debt and deficit rather than demand (jobs) and temporary stimulus measures, that Repub obstruction has exacted unnecessary pain upon workers for political purpose and delayed job recovery and that a long term wage/ productivity gap, ever widening since RR set out to make us a 2 class society has been erroding demand for decades.(hence the need for Greenspan and others to foster and encourage bubbles to mask the underlying problem)
            Gotta go, time for my daily reading of Krugman, Dean Baker, Jared Bernstein and Economist’s View featuring Brad Delong. Maybe Nobel winners Stiglitz and Peter Diamond will have a tidbit to read too.

          • Michiganmitch

            Mel- here is another item you cannot refute that totally kills your delusion, complete with an unemployment graph and an updated bar chart of job loss/gain . You can also chew on the BLS stat that cites 13 consecutive quarters of positive GDP growth and 33 months of job growth adding up to some 5.7 million jobs and a resounding Obama win, 51_47, 332-206!!! Too bad the incompetent Bush policies trashed ver 8 million jobs.At this time of year, the holiday movie classic, “It’s A Wonderfull Life” will be airing and Democrat George Bailey will get a chance to see what life in his town would have been like had he never lived. I often wonder how much better off we would be had another George never stolen the presidency. BTW, being a Repub, do you root for Mr. Potter when you watch that movie?

          • Michiganmitch

            Meloops, fogot to copy the link.

          • Michiganmitch

            Mel, oops, fogot to copy the link.


          • Zelda

            The Great Recession, which is really a Depression, has nothing to do with Bush. It’s caused by the government spending more than it collects, subsidizing markets, and creating bubbles. The catalyst was the housing market crash which was caused by the government backing bad loans and incentivizing banks to make them. Bush, to his credit, recognized this and Republicans introduced legislation to regulate Freddie and Fannie, but the Democrats threatened a filibuster, so it went nowhere. Now we are in a constant recession exacerbated by the Obama administration’s refusal to address energy prices and out of control spending.

          • What a steaming pile of revisionist history. Sheesh!

          • Michiganmitch

            Why then were deficits rolling along at $350 billion or so for several years ( 2004-2007) and in spite of the Bush tax cuts and unfunded wars, the CBO had the U.S scheduled to have all debt paid off in less than a decade until of course, the housing bubble, unchecked by Bush, collapsed the economy and within a years saw deficits increasing to $1.2 Trillion deficit per year? Profilgate spending had little to do with this recession. F and F were a symptom of the mortgage debacle actually losing market share until 2006 when a change in law allowed them lossen requirements to get in on the end of the inflating of the bubble. Until then the rules that governed them PREVENTED F and F from purchasing toxic mortgages off of the secondary market . Obama has increased spending at a slower rate than all of his post -WW II predecessors according to WSJ MarketWatch. Since he inherited a deficit of $1.2 T his first year, the deficit has actually decreaed remarkably even though the depression he inherited resulted in tumbling tax revenues and skyrocketing automatic stabilizer costs. Rising energy costs? As all Repubs ( like Bush when gas averaged $4 nationwide and $110/barrel) have said when they were in office, the Prez can do very little to affect oil prices and oil is tumbling at present with overall inflation low and the U.S. actually expoting oil. BTW, domestic production is up 8% since Bush and the number of wells has tripled. Gas acquisition has exploded and the price/cu.ft. has tumbled as has the price of coal with demand collapsing with the rise of gas.

          • J

            Union dues do not go into pension funds. The company agrees to pay deferred wages into the union pension fund for the employees.

            Underfunded pensions are also not unique to union shops. 18,000 companies — including LissaKay’s company, I suspect — have underfunded pension plans. Source: PBS Frontline, 2006, “Can You Afford to Retire?”

      • My union-free present and future are fine. Then again, I have a decent education and marketable skills, so I don’t need a union to coerce others into providing me with a job.

        • Michiganmitch

          Decent education? You seem to have considerable trouble with facts and damn sure can’t comprehend graphs and charts.

          • Zelda

            The union may convince you that you are smart, but smart people do not go around assaulting people and destroying their businesses. That’s the human equivalent of what apes do when they are frustrated.

      • Zelda

        Yeah. It’s a hard life in a RTW state what with no striking and rioting and destroying hot dog carts.

    • Jim Stewart

      I agree. Socialist like “Eclectablog” apparently support the union accesses like paying a Janitor in a public school 20 bucks/hr.

      • sjmn

        And why shouldn’t individuals who work in our public institutions, who maintain the spaces that our children learn in, not make a living wage that allows them to save for retirement and save for their children’s college education?

        • LissaKay

          Why can’t they negotiate the terms of their employment themselves? If the employer doesn’t pay a living wage, they can look elsewhere. If enough people refuse to work for those wages, the employer will be forced to offer more money.

          • sjmn

            Honestly, just for a moment consider the power dynamics between employee and employer. To imagine that an employee enters a contract negotiation on an even playing field with the people who can fire them is patently ridiculous. Your sort of thinking will just push us event faster in a race to the bottom, a race in which everyone loses.

          • Zelda

            There is no faster way to the bottom than businesses moving out of your state and taking their jobs with them. Why should businesses stay in states that are hostile to them?

          • sjmn

            A) Not all businesses or institutions can pick up and move to another state. B) Unions do not drive businesses out of state.

            Honestly, that people think that the negotiating process between union representatives and employer doesn’t result in a contract that is for the mutual benefit of both parties is simply proof that what your really upset about is even the possibility of being held accountable.

          • Zelda

            But the businesses that can move are usually the most successful and provide the most jobs. And there is no reason for them to stay in a state that supports union interests over theirs. Really, I don’t know why I’m arguing. The more your state supports unions, the more my state gains.

            Let me tell you how you negotiate for a better salary in a RTW state. It’s amazing and efficient and you don’t have to pay dues. If you are a competent worker, you go to a recruiter to find out if there are better jobs out there. Companies here actually pay the “dues” for the recruiters to negotiate in your best interest because their commission is based on how much you make. Once you have a better offer, you go to your company’s HR department, tell them about it and ask if the company can match. If they can, then you have a better salary and if they can’t, you can choose whether to stay or leave. If you stay, your company knows they have a valuable employee, and will usually treat you accordingly, and if you leave, you have more money. Now if you are a waste of skin and air, you won’t have the protections a union offers, but that’s good because then employers and good employees aren’t hostage to their incompetence.

          • The people that are arguing with you are the same one’s bitching about companies closing and moving overseas. Gee, I wonder why?

          • “Honestly, just for a moment consider the power dynamics between employee and employer.”

            Just as an employer is free to let me go if he thinks he can find someone better to do my job, I’m free to look for other work if I think I’m getting a raw deal. I have resigned from a given job and taken another better paying one more once in my life. In fact, I have actually been laid off twice and immediately found better paying work in a matter of a couple of weeks. When you’re good at what you do and your skills are in demand, negotiation is a two way street. Employers will not only provide decent salaries and benefits but pay for stuff like relocation across country for people they need. Of course, if you are so lacking in performance/knowledge/skills that you really aren’t worth that much to begin with, potential employers won’t bother – but whose fault is that again?

          • Stan De San Diego

            Notice no reply from Michiganmitch…

    • Michiganmitch

      And how is it that in your imaginary world that unions have turned their back on the rank and file? Steve, you are a deluded corporate tool who doesn’t get that when the corporatists yell, all aboard, you won’t be getting on the train. These guys wouldn’t let your likes pass through their front door.

      • Zelda

        Wrong. They’re moving out of your state and kicking the union tools out the back door. Here’s something to think about. A union is not going to hire you at any wage.

        • Zelda

          Oh, and forcing workers to hand over their money and then driving away the businesses that employ them is not traditionally considered good for the rank and file.

  • Lansing local

    I hope he replaces the $500 damaged equipment and spends the rest on anything his heart desires. He is a great man and deserves that. Everyone on the donation site knows he only lost $500 worth of equipment. We are GLADLY giving him more!

    • fairiedust

      A fool and his money are soon parted.

      • Zelda

        That’s why we keep electing Democrats.

  • When I hear someone use the term “Union Thug” I can tell I am talking to a bigot so spare me the anti-union prejudice. Who knows who did what to the tent and why. It could have been anyone, maybe teenagers, and really… who cares? No one will ever really know so any statement is just wild speculation. If this is what people are using to ‘prove’ union people are thugs then you have N-O-T-H-I-N-G. But thanks for stopping by.

    • JimTreacher

      It’s been copiously documented on video, but other than that, good point.

    • No Name

      “Who knows who did what to the tent and why.”

      The entire thing is videotaped by multiple people and witnessed by State Police. Known, identified union members, in their union local jackets punched people out and slashed up the tent with knives.

    • Fine. Let’s slow down so you can comprehend. A “Union Thug” is someone who viciously attacks defenseless people so that they will shut up. Being judgmental against such thugs (as opposed to being “bigoted”) is entirely appropriate.

      No one will really know who shredded the tent? Video and your lying eyes! Forget it!

      Dick, you are garbage.

    • LissaKay

      Who you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?

  • So it’s okay that union thugs trashed his cart and called him racist things. After all, he’s not one of the Good Blacks.

    • FYI, you’re supposed to read the WHOLE post before you comment.

      • Lbeagle

        Sucks when people call you out on being racist.

      • Stan De San Diego

        I read the whole post. Your failure to acknowledge the truth won’t make it go away.

    • LissaKay

      And he should have known to expect this kind of behavior from the union thugs … so it’s clearly his fault. That Crowder guy too … should have known that asking questions would lead to his face assaulting a guy’s fist. Four times.

      Yeah, we get exactly what this piece is trying to say …
      Unions == violence.
      Liberal == racist.
      And if any of that takes anyone by surprise, they have only themselves to blame.

      Got it.

    • Plantsmantx

      The “one of the good ones” line is a favorite of…conservatives

      • Funny how we always hear how the conservatives and Republicans are supposed to be the racist ones, when in fact blue-collar Democrat union members are some of the biggest racists around. I used to do a lot of business with the Japanese back when I worked for a Fortune 1000 company in the machine tool business, and the most racist, hostile attitudes towards Japanese in particular (and Asians in general) were our guys in our Chicago office, most of them who had come from some type of union trades background, primarily in the automotive industry. It go to the point where the Japanese refused to deal with anyone out of our Chicago office due to the bad blood between them. Funny, but none of the ex-military engineers and technicians from either of our west coast offices (predominantly conservative and tending to be Republican or independent) had any issues dealing with the Japanese and they generally seemed to enjoy spending time working in Japan and learning about the culture (I traveled there about 2-3 times a year and had a great time myself). All we ever heard out of the Chicago office was complaints about dealing with the “f***ing J*ps”. Union workers clearly have more issues when it comes to dealing with people of other races and ethnicities than most people in this country.

  • Gee, remember all the people who got roughed up and beaten by Tea Partiers for “being in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

    Neither do I.

    • fairiedust

      Teabaggers mock man with Parkinson’s Disease.

      Teabagger tries to kill man with Obama bumper sticker.

      Many more like these………

      • A bunch of phony accusations on a fake YouTube site, how convincing. You seem to conveniently forget that there was a whole movement of lefties who set out from the beginning to try to discredit the Tea Party people, all because they couldn’t counter their ideas with facts or logic:

        • fairiedust

          What color is the sky in your world bagger?

          • Stan De San Diego

            I noticed you couldn’t deal with the truth. Fact of the matter that the vast majority of accusations of racist or violent behavior at Tea Party events were shown to false. In addition, there were groups like Jason Levin and his “crash the Tea Party” mob that couldn’t even address the subject of the Tea Party people’s specific complaints, but were actively encouraging people to show up at TP signs with racist signs and disrupt/discredit them. These events were actually documented and verified by credible sources (one reason Mr. Levin no longer has a job as a public school teacher in Beaverton, Oregon) as opposed to wild extrapolations made up by a bunch of kooks. But keep up the behavior and the silly posts, please – it lets the rest of the country know what type of games union goons play…

          • fairiedust

            Baggers live in delusional world and wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the behind.


          • Stan De San Diego

            Another fact-free discussion from you. Care to tell us why the Tea Party scared the progressive left so much that they felt compelled to use underhanded methods to sabotage it?

          • Do you think if you leftover eunuchs weren’t all castrati you would still be obsessed with other people’s scrotums?

          • The Victor

            Liberal scumbaggers, right?

          • Yes, we “Teabaggers” have a crazy delusion that Government should not run trillion dollar deficits or violate the Constitution at every turn. Fortunately, you enlightened members of “The Reality Community” know that Government can run massive deficits forever with no consequences, (alternately, that taxing the rich by another $80Billion will close a Trillion dollar deficit), and that it’s OK to violate the Constitution when Democrats do it.

            Yeah, it’s too bad we in the Tea Party are too delusional to see things your way.

      • BruceMajorsDC

        Oh my god. Viciously and brutally mocked! I can see why you would be sensitive to that issue….

      • And if these things were real, they would make it OK for violent union thugs to assault people at a peaceful demonstration?

    • Bush did it too!

    • I have personally been threatened by Teabaggers about bumper stickers on my car. Apparently blondes with blue eyes are not allowed to vote for President Obama.

  • So actually it’s his fault that the upstanding union members damaged his property. It really doesn’t matter if it was twenty thousand dollars of stuff or ten dollars, it was Traver’s fault because he accepted work from an evil group. Right along with that…it’s truly Traver’s fault that these poor mistreated union members had to call him “nigger”. It doesn’t matter that he is black. There are a lot of black union members but Traver is a “nigger” because he accepted work from the “enemy”. It is really amazing how low the people backing the bloated, crooked unions are willing to sink in order to excuse the unions behavior. I have one question for those idiots that believe that the unions are their only hope of a decent life…..If unions are so wonderful a thing then why are they so very frightened about letting their members have the freedom to decide if they want to be a member or not? I mean if the union is really that great then everyone will join anyway.

    • My Goddess, are you people incapable of the most basic reading comprehension?

      • Bob sanders

        I read the part where you said he didn’t deserve it but your outrage is still pointed at the people who are helping this man and you are defending the racist thugs who did it. Tell that to your “Goddess”.

      • Jennifer Teodecki

        you are a racist idiot. a crime is a crime you dumbass fool. so why dont you just sit on your fat ass since you have nothing to do but maintain this site and play partisan politics.

      • Plantsmantx

        No, they’re not. They’re just playing dumb.

      • Finrod Felagund

        Oh, we caught every bit of your equivocation.

        “Butbutbut Conservatives say Mean Things! He really didn’t lose That Much! He should have Known Better than be around those Nasty People!”

        One paragraph denouncing violence near the end of a long spittle-flecked rant is hardly an excuse. Try repeating after me: “Violence in response to free speech is never ok under any circumstances, and nothing justifies it ever. Full stop.”

        • “One paragraph denouncing violence near the end of a long spittle-flecked rant is hardly an excuse.”

          Excellent observation. I like your way with words…

  • EB71

    It’s just amazing watching liberals try 20 different ways to say that political violence is okay as long as it’s liberal violence.

    • Michiganmitch

      It is fun to watch!

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  • sjmn

    Thank you for keeping with this.

  • So there is now an approved level of violence that can used against people?
    And there is now an approved set of circumstances and targets for racial epithets?
    and it is now okay to blame the victim when crimes are committed against him or her?
    just trying to make sure I’m on the latest cultural re-definition.

    • What the hell is the matter with you guys? Are you really that incapable of basic reading comprehension skills???

      • Yes, obviously… Sure, you say this:
        “Crtainly Clint Tarver didn’t deserve to be treated as shabbily as he was by the union folks there. His wife claims he was called a “nigger” and jeered for working for the enemy. If true, that’s reprehensible and inexcusable.”

        But it’s all some commie trick. You’re REALLY just a RAAAAACIST!! Because they said so, that’s why…

        It boggles the mind…

        • You really need to stop commenting. Other people can see how absurd you’re being.

          • The sarcasm I heard when i wrote the words obviously didn’t resonate in your ears… Edited for clarity, and in solidarity…

      • Let’s test my reading comprehension:
        Wrong place – he’s supposed to go to places he’s permitted
        Wrong time – he’s only supposed to be there at approved times
        wrong wife – he’s supposed to marry only approved women
        wrong employer – he’s supposed to work for approved employer
        not much damage – he’s not supposed to have much stuff and detroying it isn’t wrong
        too much outrage – harm to him should cause only reasonable criticism

        Sound a lot like he’s your slave and he broke your rules. I hope your overseer has a lenient hand.

  • Lansing Local
    • Lansing local

      But you’re right.. people helping this guy are only doing so for political reasons..

  • Sister Union “Thug”

    Thatsw funny since I was there and saw them cut their own tent ropes! Filthy Liars!!!

    • LissaKay

      What’s funny is all the video that shows the union thugs pushing the tent down while the AFP folks were trying to hold it up and TIGHTEN the ropes. Oh but nevermind those pesky facts … keep on with the delusional narrative. Decent people know the truth … violence has always been part of the unions.

    • Lansing local

      This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.. so you are saying this whole thing was an elaborate evil plot to tare down their own tent and destroy a $10,000 tent that was only rented (and obviously will have to be paid for) . All in hopes of setting up the union folks that happen to be passing by the tent at the time?? Your ignorance is amusing…

  • Joe SixPack

    There are plenty of union thugs out there. They only know how to disgrace themselves. They are the reason, why 70% of Michigan supports right-to-work and freedom to choose a union or not!!

  • Jake

    Chris Savage is no doubt a disgruntled Walmart worker who is blind to all the liberal nonsense that liberals often spew

    • Or a professional scientist that makes a healthy salary. Which do you think is accurate.

      • Tammy White

        yeah right. in your dreams. of course this is your page so you say anything you want. You probably are unemployed actually feeding off the union benefits

  • It’s funny how much hate the right has for “union thugs.” Lest they forget the thugs in their ranks . . . who hold public office. “Riot police on horses are now macing and
    pushing back the crowds who tried to storm the building. I fell like I’m
    back in the military- I’m rather enjoying this. It brings back
    memories.” – Dave Agema (R) Grandville, 12-11-12

  • pairadimes

    Seriously? You are rationalizing the actions of these thugs and extortionists? Your words are made to carve out a role for violence in achieving your aims, something which will only provoke and excuse more violence. You have become that which you once would have called an enemy. That is one definition of corruption.

  • Zelda

    Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s ok to assault a black man, call him names, and destroy his business if you’re a Democrat.

    • He was not assaulted nor was his business destroyed. If you actually read the piece you would know that.

      But, hey, thanks for proving the point that conservatives are erroneously making THIS the story instead of what’s at the heart of the matter.

      • Because that is what your progressive blog told you?

        • No, because he’s not claiming either of those things in the multiple interviews he has done.

          • Nope he says you leftovers called him a nigger and many other things. I’ve heard him interviewed about it. You always always lie.

  • RantMan

    Thanks for the info, I am now feeling like a chump. :( I will post an update on it. For the record, My love affair with the right is over. The so-called “Right to work” shit, did it for me. See here: I will be posting an update to the story. Idiots, why can’t they tell the damned truth?!?! Assholes.

    • J

      If they had told the truth, I don’t think Michiganders would have voted for them.

  • The only smoke screen is how the Democrats and Unions try to make it all about the workers, when it’s really about the tax payers, union and not, supporting union workers’ higher standard of living. I think most will agree, having work for more people with no unions as well as benefits more inline with the non-union companies is preferable to fewer (or zero) jobs. Unions are anti-business/anti-capitalism. There is no smoke thick enough to disguise these truths.

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  • Michelle Adams

    The money should b donated to make some kids/families Christmases better!

  • Pablo

    I see. The Michigan Capital building is the wrong place, and when union goons are there is the wrong time.

  • Plantsmantx

    “His wife claims he was called a “nigger” and jeered for working for the enemy.”

    You mean his wife, the former Ingham County GOP chair, current Michigan GOP “Ethnic Vice Chair”, and recently, a member of Mitt Romney’s “Black Leadership Council”, and enthusiastic Tea Party supporter?

  • Simple_Phil

    Oh, this is.. so precious. A shameless, leftist agitprop sight that uses disquis. Bookmarked. Thank you, electablog!
    “Er , sorry you foolish house nig–um, black person. You were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time when we–um they– intentionaly cut the tiedowns on that tent, trying to make us mostly peaceful unions look bad.”
    My sides…they are aching!

  • How can you justify the destruction of Mr. Tarver’s property? Wrong place, wrong time?!? As they attacked his hot dog stand, the union guys called him a “n*gger” and an “Uncle Tom.” But I guess those guys are not racist, no no, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. You then complain that people “on this very website [are] calling union members all sorts of hideous names.” But, it’s all justified by the union thugs’ actions. What justified the offensive attacks on Tarver’s hot dogs and the AFP tent?

  • Diraphe

    Are you using the “she wouldn’t have been raped if she didn’t dress like s slut” argument to be ironic or are you just oblivious?

    Don’t blame James Holmes; those people were in the wrong theater at the wrong time…

    • No, I’m using the “he wasn’t attacked, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time” argument. The right wingers are claiming he was attacked. Even HE isn’t saying that.

      • Diraphe

        So it was a stiff breeze or something that caused the damage to the tent and cart? And the racial epithets were just to clear their singing voice; not aimed at anyone in particular?

        Because I was under the impression that it was human beings who consciously tore it down.

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  • Nemesis8301

    You don’t have to be apart of a union in a union shop. Been on the books for years….

  • Mary Jane

    This is typical liberal unions at their worse. Clint Traver had a right to set up anywhere he wanted this is still America! If he was hired by Republicans so what! This is only the beginning of horror that this nation is under loss of freedom, terror tactics by the left, punching reporters in the face and the reporter tried to get away from his attacker. Demonization of anyone who disagree with them. It is time we stand up to violence!

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  • Cornhusker

    A lot of “yeah but” hurt in this article. Union thugs attacked people and destroyed private property. Union apologists need to man up and own it for what it was and quit making excuses. You are what you are and you did what yo did, end of story…period…

  • Soooo are you saying it’s ok for people to destroy a tent(s) and things that belong to someone else? Isn’t that breaking the law? Oh that’s right laws are only for some people…I forgot!

    • You should probably read the entire post before making an ill-informed accusation like this.

  • Neo

    You progressives are such idiots.

  • BruceMajorsDC

    So the fact that you “progressives” aka pro-regressives called him the N word repeatedly while breaking up his vending cart was also just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time? You walk about saying “nigger” all day and he just happened to be there while you were doing it?

  • Dex

    You said “Let’s not kid ourselves about what “Tentgate” and “Hot Doggate” are all about: distracting
    the country from noticing that corporatist ideologues have turned the
    birthplace of American organized labor into a Right to Work for Less

    If getting employer benefits without paying union dues is BAD, why is getting government benefits without paying taxes GOOD?

  • The Victor

    Liberal scumbaggers and union thug idiots try to justify their inbred thirst for violence. The progressive culture of death is dangerous, stomp on it every chance you get. RTW!

  • Liz Johnk

    Wait, what? Clint is Republican? What I can’t understand: why LGBTQs, women, or ethnic minorities would willingly self-identify as Republican. Some serious self-hate issues going on there…
    Great hotdogs, anyhow.

  • kidcat24

    Tea Party doesn’t mind picking up the tab of their corporate overlords that hide over 5 trillion dollars overseas

  • kidcat24

    Tea Party darling Bachman won’t pay five of her staffers who helped during her Presidential bid because they refused to sign a nondisclosure agreement that would bar them from discussing any “unethical, immoral, or criminal activity” they witnessed on the campaign with police or reporters.

  • michiganmoon

    That is why those White Liberal Union members called him the N word, an Uncle Tom, and told him not to leave the plantation.

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