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Rachel Maddow is “thankful” for Eclectablog. I’m thankful for her and, just as importantly, YOU.


Thanks, given.

The day after Rachel Maddow and her producer Laura Conaway made a video of themselves making and enjoying our new drink, the “Emergency Manager”, our blog got a mention on The Rachel Maddow Show itself. Last night, Rachel ran through a rather impressive of list of things that she is thankful for, things we should ALL be thankful for. Eclectablog was one of them.

We’re mentioned at around the 5:20 mark but the entire segment is worth your time today:

I’m thankful for reported local politics blogs, some of which are partisan and some of which aren’t. Sites like Eclectablog in Michigan and Plunderbund and Ohio Capital Blog in Ohio for reporting out and documenting local political stories in a way that we really need nationally but can sometimes no longer get from the local, more official press, since the business model has cost so many reporters their jobs.

It pretty much goes without saying how thankful I am for Rachel Maddow and her amazing team of producers and regular contributors. I’ve been listening to Rachel since the days she was on Air America and a piece I wrote about her on Daily Kos is still my most popular diary there. She is the smartest pundit on television and there’s a reason she’s making inroads on the market share formerly dominated by Fox News.

I’m thankful for Rachel Maddow’s brilliance and her ability to cut to the core of complex issues, helping us to frame them and get our minds around them so that we can talk about them more intelligently. That’s exactly what I’m trying to accomplish here at Eclectablog and The Rachel Maddow Show is a model for that in many ways.

Finally, I’d like to thank all of YOU, our readers. We have a very solid core of regular visitors to Eclectablog. Many of you I know personally, others I know only virtually and most I don’t know at all. I am so thankful to being doing something that I love and that is appreciated by so many. Last month we had well over a half-million pageviews. In January of this year, it was just 55,000. With nearly 3,000,000 pageviews for the year so far, you can see that Eclectablog has enjoyed explosive growth in popularity and that’s primarily because our regular readers share our stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and through other social media.

We wouldn’t be where we are today with you (and Rachel Maddow’s occasional plugs have helped, too : ) so on this Thanksgiving Day, allow me to say, with the greatest respect and appreciation:


  • Pat Okerlund

    Thank you for keeping us informed. Eclectablog has given me many OMG moments over the years, especially revealing the emergency manager situation. Still seems unbelievable that things like that happen in America. Thanks for opening our eyes. Rachel knows a good thing when she sees it so keep up the great writing. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  • velovixen

    Thank you for sharing your insight and perspective, for your tireless dedication, and for everything you do, including your guidance at Netroots Nation for Netroots for the Troops, Inc. Happy Thanksgiving, and keep on blogging!

  • Carolyn4444

    The local TV and Radio new channels communicate very little “news” but rather do mostly infoentertainment with the emphasis on entertainment! I love the Bangor, ME newcasters I read about who, the other day, tired and disheartened by their management’s leaning toward biased expression, finished their newscast by publicly quitting ON AIR! Thank you for your most appreciated efforts in bringing to us the valuable communications that we can rarely get anywhere else, especially about our own state of Michigan! On Thanksgiving Day, I’m grateful for you…and Rachel Maddow too!

    • Wow. Thank you so much. I need to look up the Bangor newscasters. That’s brilliant!

  • wavingcrosser/Lynn

    I am grateful I found your blog in my earliest months on twitter. I am so proud to send your posts covering MI and a wide range of topics out into the virtual universe, to others like me seeking information and opinions on complex issues. Rachel explains and frames her segments in a way that most of us can understand and her blog, written by her staff, rates at the top of sites I follow every day. I am always heartened when I see Eclectablog mentioned on Maddow, as not only is it well deserved, but I know your message is getting out to a wider audience. Thank you for being the lead voice on the emergency manager bill and for all the wonderful volunteer work you and Anne perform at too many levels to mention. Another big plus…you are such nice people with whom to be associated. Hope you know how much you, Anne, & LOLGOP are appreciated. Yum, vegetable wellington!

    • Thanks, Lynn. We’re on our way to our Thanksgiving dinner as I type this and the Vegetable Wellington is in the backseat filling the car with wonderful aroma.
      Best to you and Walter.

  • Carol

    Before I succumb to tryptophan overload, I want to wish you and Anne a lovely Thanksgiving.
    I’m always proud to hear Rachel mention the excellent ECLECTABLOG…that means job well done, Chris! Although I seldom comment, I appreciate receiving my daily updates to see what on earth is going on in MI this time and hear your thoughts about the rest of the world.

    We simply like how you roll…keep up the great work and we’ll keep spreading the word.

  • Kitalaq

    Just want to be part of group of people that are thankful for your website. Liked it enough to place it on my “Favorite Bar” so that I can easily open the website to get into the news of the day.
    Happy belated Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all your readers!!!

    • Thanks so much. I really appreciate your very kind comments. A very happy holiday to you, too!