By Popular Demand: GOP Rape Advisory Chart (Vol. IV)

Recently I said I was finally done with these things, but with yet ANOTHER idiotic, offensive statement by a Republican about rape victims the other day, I’ve been turned into Al Pacino in Godfather III*

I therefore present the Republican Rape Advisory Chart…Volume IV.

I’ve also included links to the complete 4-volume set; feel free to use/repost as appropriate, but please upload the image to your own server to keep the bandwidth hit low on mine. I also ask that you keep the “compiled by Brainwrap” text at the bottom.

*(“Just when I thought I was out…they pulled me back in.”)

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  • Fred Smith

    My God. If McCain really said that…I’m speechless. That’s just the most inexcusable disgusting ‘joke’ I ever heard. From a sitting senator and someone who ran for Prez no less. Unbelievable!

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