Presidential polls got you down? They SHOULD! And you can DO SOMETHING about it!


Don’t boo, vote! Don’t cry, GOTV!

What a difference a week makes, eh? Suddenly, after an entire summer of leading Mitt Romney, President Obama is suddenly down in the polls. A recent Pew Poll shows him getting clobbered by Romney. Even the Gallup tracking poll has President Obama down by two points among likely voters.

All because Mitt Romney had once decent debate performance.

Freaked out? You should be. Here’s the good news: there is something you can do about it.

Get. Out. The. Vote. GOTV.

GOTV is why President Obama wins elections. It’s, without question, why he won in 2008. Starting this weekend, all across the country, the Obama campaign is starting their training for “GOTV Weekend” — Saturday, November 3rd through Tuesday, November 6th. During those four days, Obama for America (OFA) will contact each voter that they have identified as a supporter once. Twice. Sometimes THREE TIMES! They’ll call to make sure the person is going to vote. They’ll call to make sure the person has a plan as to when they will vote and how they will get there. They will call on election day to make sure they HAVE voted. In 2008, I knocked on my last door at 7:40 p.m., 20 minutes before the polls closed.

I have, once again, volunteered to run a GOTV location. That means that my first training will be four hours this Sunday. And then we’ll do dry runs each weekend leading up to GOTV Weekend to make sure we have our system down pat.

You can be part of that. What is most needed is canvassers and phonebankers. People to walk the turfs and make the calls. In the offices, they need people to cut the turf and assemble the walk packs. To print out the call sheets. There’s almost no end to what OFA needs in terms of volunteer man and woman power.

Polls go you down? GOOD! Maybe this turnaround is EXACTLY what the campaign needed to get people motivated and activated. Harness that feeling and turn it into something productive. Join a GOTV team near you. Sign up at your local OFA office or contact them at Do it today.

Oh, and two more things:

First, you know how things have changed around in just one week? Well we still have three more weeks left in this campaign so anything can happen.

Second, this is Barack Obama we are talking about here. The guy who beat the Clintons. Just think about that for a minute. He beat the Clintons.

GOTV, my friends. Gee. Oh. Tee. Vee.

  • Montana

    So Willard Milton Romney tells us that he is a success, its easy when you start with Dad’s money and dad’s contacts (kinda like Trump) and but of course you did it on your own,sure ok, success.

    Willard Milton Romney tells us that Bain was his first success, a company without a product (unlike Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison among others who created jobs by the success of their products). What’s even funnier is Bain owns “Clear Channel” who has under contract both “Rush Limbaugh” and “Glen Beck”, how do you think they will do after the election. Bain preyed on weak companies they took them into bankruptcy and made money (Willard still gets a check from Bain) not to mention the jobs that were outsourced or their dealings with RED CHINA, but ok maybe Willard did not know that Bain was into that, sure, why not, right?

    Willard Milton Romney then tells us that his second success is 2002 Winter Olympics. All 2002 Winter Olympics financials have been destroyed, but ok lets take his word, success.

    Willard Milton Romney calling card that what our country needs now is someone like him a supposed successful business man. This “Business Success” and how that will translate into “Public Sector” success has already been tested.

    So given all of Willard Milton Romney, supposed success, don’t you expect to see an extraordinary success in his position as governor of Massachusetts, his one and only public sector job? If you look at the majority of his statements as to why he should be governor of Massachusetts, they almost mirror his current ones, mainly “I am a successful business man”. But when we look at Massachusetts, it was an ordinary mediocrity, to the point that he could only survive one term, that how good this guy was, but ok according to him he was a success.
    Then he passes RomneyCare, his ticket to a run to the presidency and he wimps ou because the tae bag party does like it, this man can’t even stand up to those losers, but he going to stand tall against foreign hostile governments if you herad his chicken hawk speech. And he thinks he deserves the top public sector job, hmmm, no not on my watch!