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The GOP’s Enduring Clint Eastwood Problem


The unforgiven

Last night Bill Maher defended Clint Eastwood’s performance at the Republican National Convention. “He killed,” Maher said, pointing out that we’re always saying how scripted and dull conventions are. Here was an unscripted, unpredictable moment where a man and a chair brought great mirth to the convention goers.

Maher knows firsthand that making strangers laugh is nearly as difficult as making Mitt Romney seem anatomically correct. But he’s overestimating how difficult it is to get Republicans to laugh at President Obama. Hit a few keywords they’ve all been trained to accept as punch lines – teleprompter, golf, Biden – and the laughs follow. The fact that Clint is a huge star from liberal Hollywood who growls only made it easier.

The GOP did a huge favor for the President by making Eastwood the star of Mitt Romney’s biggest night. The right’s only hope is scaring up enough young people, women and minorities to make their huge advantages with married white people mean anything. Clint Eastwood sums up why that’s looking as unlikely as Christine O’Donnell ever being elected to anything.

Eastwood was mostly incoherent on the issues, messing up facts, blaming the President for things Bush and the Republicans did. Eastwood himself is pro-choice, pro-marriage equality. Why he opposes the president seems entirely tied to a personal grudge, an economy the GOP broke and won’t help fix and antipathy toward how other people feel about Obama.

Here’s why Clint Eastwood is a huge problem for the GOP: They meant to create a parody of Obama. Instead they created a parody of a Romney voter.

Thank you, Mr. Eastwood. You haven’t been this good since you directed Mystic River.

  • docj7

    a parody… why? because he’s white and old?

    • franksspam

      A parody because they are against Obama for things that he didn’t do. The Obama that the Republicans claim is in the White House is just as imaginary as the Invisible Obama that Eastwood was talking to.

      • crcaccounts

        You mean lying about pulling out of Iraq and Gitmo?

        • franksspam

          1) We’re out of Iraq. Did anyone really think he would be able to stick to the exact timeline he proposed as a candidate? You’re naive if you did.

          2) Congress would not authorize the funding needed to get out of Gitmo. Do you remember they were playing the “we’re afraid to hold a terrorist trial in NYC” card? You know who wasn’t afraid of that? The people that actually live in NYC.

          If that is the best you can do from that rambling mess that was Clint Eastwood then you really just helped to make my point. Did you miss the part where he blamed Obama for getting us into Afghanistan after we knew how bad it went for Russia? Did you miss the part where he said it was bad to have a lawyer in the White House while Mitt graduated from the same law school?

          Did Clint ever even endorse Mitt Romney formally at any time during those painful 12 minutes?

  • Please don’t laugh at, or underestimate Romney. His “only hope” makes it sound like he’s trailing by many points when, in fact, he’s in a statistical tie in the last polls I saw from swing states.

    Our first priority should not be to mock this guy, but to get the Democrats out to vote. If we don’t do that, we’re going to lose this election.

    • Sam

      Just sayin’, Obama’s got a pretty secure lead insofar as electoral votes. Though it’s roughly tied insofar as the popular vote right now, with a sliiiiight lead for Obama.

    • Laura L

      Read the piece about Romney in Sept. 12th Rolling Stone. That is why he should not be elected. When he says “we helped companies” what he really means is “we helped ourselves to companies in peril, saddling them with debt loads, paying off the executives themselves and shutting down plants. Some kind of job creator. If I were an American, I’d be terrified. The notion that this plutocrat wants to run for president is absurd. He should serve a jail term and be forced to return the fortune he pillaged from corporate America back to the IRS.

    • DoctorNick

      Yeah, like poll measuring the outcome of the national popular vote actually means anything.

    • Well said. The two greatest dangers this fall seem to contradict each other, but in reality, they work in tandem. They are a) demoralization, and b) overconfidence. Progressives who buy into the spin that Obama hasn’t done anything, or that there’s no difference between him and Bush are disinclined to go to the polls. But so are progressives who feel certain Obama “has it in the bag.” If progressive voters don’t vote, Romney will win. It is that simple.

  • Popdecool

    By Monday all will be forgotten. Yes, it was fantastically bizarre but the public has the attention span of a gold fish.

  • Delco

    What’s wrong with being white?

    • Sarah


    • Go fuck yourself

      Apparently now a days, you should feel bad that you’re a white male. It’s absolutely retarded.

      • Gauge

        No, you shouldn’t feel bad. You should be aware of the vast amount of privilege you have and understand that having said privilege makes the stereotypical “white married couple” completely ignorant of the intricacies of most social issues. You should feel bad, however, if you refuse to understand this and rectify it by actually reading up a bit on these issues which never actually affect whites. Also, stop playing the victim.

        • Gabrielle

          I think that a lot of that privilege is tied up in socioeconomic class and less so in race. In reality, working class whites and minorities have more in common with each other than they do with those of their race who are upper middle class or outright wealthy. We should stop belittling entire ethnicities by saying they are less privileged–privilege nowadays has more to do with whether you had parents who cared about you and were able to feed, cloth, and educate you. Being a minority still comes with social cost–but in really we should be talking about extending the socioeconomic privilege that drives children into education and our economy forward.

        • I work 50 hours a week as an electrician to some really powerful and astoundingly ignorant people. Not really sure I regard my working class life as “priveledged”, but it’s nice to know someone does! Thanks!

    • James Harding

      Other than causing the most destruction in history? Eh, nothing.

      • CrosbyTee

        Don’t you ever get tired of this self-loathing guilt BS? Who has also contributed more to progress by a long mile?

        • tim90

          Not you. Or James Harding. Why should white people alive today be blamed or loved for accomplishments and shameful activities that someone’s white ancestor did?

          • Jack

            It’s only important to understand where the great America comes from and the backs it was built upon. It seems we look down upon the minorities with many injustices being done still today towards the minorities in America. Not to mention, a generation before you (or perhaps yours) was involved in the atrocious race issues up until what.. Now? When did blacks get the rights to vote off of the top of your head, when did the white man grant that to them? And to women for bonus points. You seem to think we are eons away from what our white ancestors did. Not true and some want to go right back to it still. We enslaved the Irish and Japanese to build the railroads. We killed off the Natives. We used blacks as slaves and still today pay Mexican workers less that the minimum wage.

            Nothing wrong with being white, just be cognizant of what the white man has done and have compassion towards that. Don’t go through life brazenly as if the white man has done nothing wrong. Your ancestors carried out the acts. Your ignorance of that fact and the pain it induced is not doing any good to those offended and the families still in detriment over it.

          • Goobee

            in what fucked up universe am I in anyway responsible for the actions of my ancestors?
            irish and chinese, and they were paid. and the irish are white.
            we can pay mexican workers less than minimum wage because they’re illegally here. what are they going to do, complain?

            I am white, but if other white people do/did bad things I am not responsible. you can’t lump us in as having some sort of Hive Mind…

          • The Irish and Chinese were paid?! What fucking universe do you live in, Klan-boy?!

          • whomp

            You might just be the stupidest person alive.

          • I wasn’t aware we paid the Chinese for the anti-Chinese legislation we passed in Congress in the late 1800s.

          • Yeah, don’t forget the Chinese in the West…

    • Jack

      Being white isn’t the issue. Being blatantly ignorant (and happily so for some) is.

    • Mark

      I think a better question to ask is what’s wrong with not being white?

      • Bingo. Comment of the day.

      • Jim Strathmeyer

        Nothing, so stop insisting there’s something wrong with being white.

    • Catherine

      Nothing is wrong with being white, but there are certain privileges white people (especially white middle to upper class men) enjoy, and minorities do not have. The author was commenting on the irony of the state of inequality between white people and minorities.

    • hvtgeorgia

      White, married 15 years, upper middle class income, live in the south….no way in hell will Romney get mine or my husband’s vote. Obama ALL THE WAY!!

    • Numbers. The point is that Romney can’t count on only the married white vote to win–he has to diversify. To date, he has shown no diverse appeal.

  • Nunya

    I didn’t know being white and married has advantages…post them please

  • The REAL reason why the fucktard liberals ALWAYS FAIL:

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  • thoughts_m_27

    If you had a better political background you would realize Clint was very damaging to Obama. By publicly tying the idea that the attack adds of Obama show that he isn’t a nice guy he has planted the seed that you are watering today. When team Obama attacks others rather than talks about their record maybe they aren’t nice people. Maybe they aren’t likable. Maybe they need to go. And when a popular icon shows that the President isn’t likable, isn’t respectable, and isn’t qualified…..

    That drew blood politically and thats why you are writing your article.
    Thats why the unlikable attack machine fueled by Obama kool-aid is setting its sites on Clint…..

  • DirtyHairy JR.

    Hollllllly shit. The amount of brainwashed Obamabots on forums is overwhelming. Obama hasn’t done anything good for the economy, he’s started a new war in Afghan, and Obamacare is a slap in the face of capitalism and democratic ideals. Prove me wrong; you won’t without lying.

    • Can you tell me where you heard that Obama started a new war in Afghanistan for starters?

    • Trixie

      He started a new war in Afghanistan? Really? Is that why U.S. troops have been there since seven years before he was elected, fighting a … well … a war called Operation Enduring Freedom? Wow. If you’re going to hate on that guy, at least try to get your facts right.

      • Brilliant. Thanks for this. Makes me glad I didn’t delete this piece of shit comment.

  • gloriay

    We have to encourage Democrats to be vigilant and get out to the polls and vote. Democrats cannot not vote, instead every Democrat has an obligation to see that four others get out and vote. republicans are betting that Democrats will not go to the polls, and in fact republicans have a plan to prevent minorities from voting, it’s called voter suppression. But we also have a plan to circumvent these wicked attempts to prevent us from voting. In order for Democrats to win we MUST confound their plan and turn out in droves.