Mitt Romney, Republican-Fail — August 17, 2012 at 1:45 pm

Romney won’t give you details because he thinks you won’t like them (and he’ll lose)


At last, an honest answer…

Turns out there’s a reason that Mitt Romney won’t give us details about any of his plans: he thinks if he does, Americans won’t like them and he’ll lose the election.

As Steve Benen put it at The Maddow Blog, “It’s better, he effectively argued, to hide the facts from voters until after the election.”

Advisers say the campaign has no plans to pivot from its previous view that diving into details during a general-election race would be suicidal.

Romney strategy is simple: Hammer away at Obama for proposing cuts to Medicare and promise, in vague, aspirational ways, to protect the program for future retirees — but don’t get pulled into a public discussion of the most unpopular parts of the Ryan plan.

“The nature of running a presidential campaign is that you’re communicating direction to the American people,” a Romney adviser said. “Campaigns that are about specifics, particularly in today’s environment, get tripped up.”

“Get tripped up” is a euphemism for “get clobbered in the election”. So a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for a blank book fresh off the store shelf. Don’t worry, he’ll fill it in later.

You know. With something

  • Nefercat

    Oh goshes, yes, I understand completely, being a small-minded petty person who just would not be able to grasp big old ideas and whatnot. Goshes, yes sir, Mr. Romney sir, We the (small-minded) people will just trust you from now on and stop worrying our little (small-minded) heads about all your fancy-dancy money stuff that the likes of us just couldn’t understand anyway and all your plans about the tax code are sure to be confusing to you people, I mean we people also to, so just keep on with the simple white boards because I don’t think we could possibly understand much beyond that anyway, yes sir, Mr. Romney sir, and really, I would tug my forelock as befits my station, sir, if I had one. Sir. Also.

  • Grung_e_Gene

    Of course! If you knew the details of how R-Money made Hundreds of Millions in shorting the US Dollar and Off-shoring to Fake Corporations in the Cayman Islands while Middle Class America lost their jobs, homes and healthcare coverage. You’d think twice about voting for him. Stupid Small-Minded People!

    Hmmm, maybe that’s why all those Voter ID laws got passed too make sure only the Right Rich people get to vote!

  • Romney’s 13% Rate-How the Lie Works

    First, we know he’s still lying because he won’t show the evidence he says he has to back up his claim.
    Second 13% isn’t jack for someone making his kind of money, but he slips that in next to claims he paid zero to soften the blow.
    But here’s how the BIG LIE really works…Romney
    NEVER SAID he payed a minimum of 13% FEDERAL Income Tax, he says he
    paid 13% of his income in TAXES. I know well how this little shell game
    is played from listening to the hate-radio hosts who back Romney. It’s a
    common practice in these circles to speak of ‘taxes’ in the most
    universal sense. When Hannity or Limbaugh refer to their tax rates they
    INCLUDE, State Taxes, Payroll Taxes, Sales Taxes, Property Taxes and
    every penny for every toll road, parking meter and hunting, fishing or
    marriage license they’ve ever bought.

    I bet $10,000 that is
    exactly what Romney is doing here. He won’t show his returns because
    they will prove he did indeed pay zero taxes some years and that he
    NEVER paid even the paltry 13% he claims in actual Federal Income Tax!

    • Don

      don’t forget that when he includes charity it jumps to 20%, (he thinks) whatever that means

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