Joe Biden, Photos — August 22, 2012 at 9:53 pm

1st female Olympic middleweight boxing gold medalist Claressa Shields on Biden & Obama




It’s pretty cool knowing when you represent your country, you’ve got a president and a vice president who represent you. We’ve had tough times in Michigan, but we never give up. We just get up and keep going. We keep fighting with the president and vice president who’ve got our backs.

Claressa Shields, 1st female Olympic middleweight boxing gold medalist

[Graphic by Anne C. Savage]

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NOTE: More photos with quotes from Vice President Biden’s visit to Detroit yesterday HERE.

  • majii

    I was pulling for this kid, and on the day we discovered that she’d won the gold medal, my daughter and I were thrilled!!! She’s an inspiration to all Americans, but especially, the young people. The entire city of Flint supported her, even though things in Flint aren’t as good as they could be at this time in the city’s history. This lets you know what people can achieve when they work together. IMO, the city of Flint should be commended.

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  • Chrissy

    I have no idea about the Olympics, sports bore me to tears… but this woman, I just have to say… that smile made my day. That is such a beautiful and amazing smile.

  • I just hope MI comes through and show its appreciation for the President by winning that state in Nov. again.

  • velvetyred

    The first time I heard about Claressa was on a story on NPR last year… I followed her immediately.. this girl has a fierce spirit and she is something special. Listen to the story on NPR here… it will make you cry with hope for her,,, and now to see that she has achieved her dream ??!! Spectacular.