Mitt Romney — July 7, 2012 at 5:42 pm

BELIEVE THIS: Romney and the GOP Will Gut Medicare and Education to Pay for Tax Breaks for the Rich


Mitt didn’t take his Medicare but he wants yours

If you take Mitt Romney at his word, he will gut Medicare, financial aid for college and nearly every federal program that helps working people in order to give millionaires more huge tax breaks.

The problem is: No one seems to take Mitt Romney at his word.

Last year allies of President Obama ran a focus group to find out what people think about Mitt Romney.

For example, when Priorities informed a focus group that Romney supported the Ryan budget plan — and thus championed “ending Medicare as we know it” — while also advocating tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, the respondents simply refused to believe any politician would do such a thing.

It’s too ridiculous to believe. More tax breaks for the rich—the hallmark of the failed Bush administration—paid for by giant cuts to the most popular government program among likely voters. But that’s exactly what Romney is for. And if he’s elected, he’s likely to have the 50 votes in the Senate he’ll need to do this and more.

And no one believes it.

That’s why the President’s allies have been focusing on Mitt Romney’s failed tenure as governor and his business history where he showed no empathy for middle class as he invested in outsourcing and in one case asked employees to build a stage so Bain could announce they’d all been laid off.

The President has a jobs plan that the GOP has refused to pass, instead focusing on pretending to repeal ObamaCare, increasing pollution and decreasing women’s health options. Conservatives in Europe and our own Federal Reserve Bank are conspiring to keep our economy stalled out, at risk of recession. None of this is the president’s fault.

So now is the time when we must make clear that what Romney is proposing, according to economists, will make things worse. How do we do that? Michael Tomasky explains:

So Obama and the Democrats’ No. 1 job is clear: tie all the Republicans together—Romney, congressional Republicans, and George W. Bush—and warn people about how much worse things could be.

Romney is Bush on steroids. His tax plan is far more extreme. He wants to give millionaires an average—average!—tax cut of $250,000. The same plan would add $3 trillion to the deficit over a decade. Haven’t we tried this before, and didn’t it help lead—along with massive deregulation, which Romney also promises to pursue—to the biggest meltdown in 80 years?

The choice is clear in this election: The policies that created jobs for the last 28 months versus the policies that cost our millions of jobs and created the worst income inequality since the last depression conservatives let happen.

Our job is to make people believe that the GOP is actually serious about the nonsense they’re proposing.

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  • inmichigan

    The president has a jobs plan his own party refuses to pass, be honest.

    • TM Genns

      Site a source please?

    • ghhshirley

      That is not true. The Democrats support it, the Republicans refuse to pass it.

  • Michael Riphenburg

    If we the 99% don’t VOTE these “Political-Hacks”and”Puppets” of the 1% out of Our Govt. Offices this Election all WE or Our Children will be carrying in the future will be a shoe-shine box for the Rich-Mans shoes and a Gun for the Rich-Mans Wars. Serfs and Concubines to Our Govt. Masters and their Corporate Kings and Queens. In my opinion.

    • It’s true. I haven’t voted in the pass because “my one vote doesn’t make a difference”. I’m not doing that anymore. Now I’m going to vote against the GOP every chance I can get.

    • Except the rich will not want we, the riffraff, to even come near their shoes.

  • Freddie

    It’s a little hyperbolic to say “no one believes it” based on the
    results of ONE focus group. I hear what you’re saying and agree Romney
    would be an utter disaster for the country, but over the top statements
    like this are part of the reason liberals are viewed as hysterics.

  • GB

    I wouldn’t expect anything less then this garbage from the liberal media. Trying to blame everyone else for your issues.

    • Willard Romney

      Bush Jr. has been our Nation’s issue for the last 12 years. Even Fox News doesn’t try to fight this fact. They just try to compare Obama to 30 year-old Reagan policies and avoid talking about Bush like the plague. And with Romney proposing more of the same surplus-busting, crisis-inducing policies, I don’t blame them.

      • herroprease

        Well the thing is, Bush has been out of office since 2008. Obama’s been president for almost four years now and I haven’t seen him do anything to resolve these alleged issues. I’ll give Obama his first year of office to point the finger at the old guy because he’s new hasn’t really had as much time to address these things, but to have him four years later still crying to the media and public going “WAAH, IT’S NOT MY FAULT, IT WAS THE OTHER GUY, HE’S THE ONE TO BLAME, WAAHH!!” is truly pathetic, not to mention all of the drones like yourself treating this as a legitimate excuse. Sorry pal, blaming Bush isn’t gonna cut it anymore. Obama’s had chance after chance four years running to fix these problems and has failed, so he has nobody to blame but himself at this point.

        • Willard Romney

          We were hemorrhaging jobs in 2008, as you relinquished. Since then we’ve not only stopped job losses (no small feat), we’re actually adding jobs, albeit slowly.

          You could argue that this recovery wasn’t caused by Obama, or that it’s insufficient. But it’s completely naive to think that ANY president (repub/democrat/independent) could’ve completely restored our economy in just 4 years.

          “I haven’t seen him do anything to resolve these alleged issues.”

          In my opinion, that bipartisan supercommittee is to blame for lack of action on the economy. They themselves concluded that there is simply no tenable solution to fix the economy; leading to the upcoming massive military and social welfare spending cuts.

          “he has nobody to blame but himself at this point.”

          He can definitely take some of the blame, but by no means all of it. This has been the most filibuster-happy Republican House in history. Hell, they even filibuster their own damn Republican-derived plans!

          Don’t believe me that there’s something sinister behind the stalwart House? Or that Clinton never had to face resistance of this degree from Republicans? We all heard it straight from the horse’s mouth when McConnell said the Republican priority is making Obama a 1 term president.

          I don’t know how you could ignore this UNARGUABLY DELIBERATE Republican obstructionism when judging Obama’s failures. Unless, of course, you get your news from the mainstream media (Fox News included).

        • During the three years you speak of, he was never allowed to implement any significant jobs or economic plan thanks to the abuse of the filibuster by Senate Republicans and a tiny handful of complicit Democrats.
          The fact that you aren’t acknowledging that Congressional Republicans have been overt about their intention to stop EVERYTHING he has tried to do shows that you’re either part of the GOP noise machine or that you are a fool who hasn’t been paying attention. No matter which one is true, your comment useless and doesn’t contribute to the conversation in any way that’s helpful.

        • bigchubbs6

          You mean to tell me that you believe one man, any man, could’ve or should’ve been able to dig us out of the shitpile that the Bush administration put us under and do it in just 3.5 years????????? Bush got 8 years to put us here. I say give President Obama another 4 years……….or better yet let’s just elect Chuck Norris!!!!!!

  • Gary K

    This is great… Take them at their word and they will gut medicaid, repeal affordable care, limit social security and raise the age, restrict public workers and teachers jobs and pay and benefits, all while inreasing spending on war and defense and tax breaks for the wealthiest, but to make it even tax breaks for the middle class as well, because hey, whys a guvment need revenue anyways. Where has the worlds sanity gone to? This is not a deep dive into the topics, but it generally sums up my feelings about liberals and conservatives, especially Bush/Romney. Note to internet, Someone should defintely begin a mock Bush/romney campaign asap. Thanks (:

    • Except if anything, they’ll impose tax HIKES on the middle class; because, well hey, the ‘little people’ have to ‘start paying their fair share’ or at least that’s the GOP meme that’s been going around these days. THey are intent on driving most of us into poverty and into debt servitude and inprisonment. Check the 13th Amendment, there’s a huge loophole one can build a Jersey turnpike through. And they’re doing end runarounds to prohibitions to debtors’ prisons, too. We are headed for a society where there is a handful of obscenely rich people, their trained servants, the military-police-warden class and the rest of us, condemned to be slaves in labor camps.

  • The main reasons people think Romney is more viable is because they think he will spend less money, and will be tougher on illegal immigration. The concern is valid. Our country has too much debt, and this is not a good time to institute more social programs. Also, our prisons are full of illegal immigrants who come over here and commit crimes. I personally don’t believe Romney will be much better on the spending part. He might not spend it on social programs, but it will be spent on other things, like more wars.

    Personally, I can’t stomach either candidate. I’m planning on voting for Ron Paul. He might have some crazy ideas, but at least he’s consistent.

  • Jimmy2Hands

    I, and most other readers probably, realize this is an opinion piece but I have no doubt that LOLGOP truly believes it to be ironclad fact. I voted for Obama and supported him wholeheartedly in his promises for a more transparent government.

    Unfortunately he has not delivered on those promises.

    What we have instead is a president who operates in a world every bit as shadowed as the last. We have been operating our country for the last 3 1/2 years WITHOUT A BUDGET!

    You speak of President Obama’s jobs plan but why don’t you go into specifics. Either you don’t know what it is or you do know and you know it is a bad one so est not to bring it up, eh? He would employ people through government jobs that we don’t have the money to pay for. Sure it makes for a great sound bite to say “We are going to get jobs to the police and fireman out there.” But that is not the place of the federal government.

    Our federal government is OUT.OF. CONTROL. Plain and simple. I am not a republican. Hell it’s gotten to the point where I’m ashamed to call myself a democrat. I’m not crazy about Mitt Romney and I don’t know that he will get my vote but someone who wants to reduce the size and impact of the federal government is okay by me.

    Sure the programs he wants to slash are popular, but so is Jersey Shore. Yes a lot of good can and has come out of those programs, but we as Americans need to face the fiscal reality of our situation. For a little while, maybe the next 5-10 years, we need to close up shop on most of what the federal government does and start over.

    Ask yourself this, “What does the federal government do well?”

    To me the answer is not much.

    • This comment is so full of fail Fox News/Rush Limbaugh:Sean Hannity talking points that there is no way in hell I am believing you voted for Obama in 2008.

    • Willard Romney

      “He would employ people through government jobs that we don’t have the money to pay for.”

      On a large scale, your income is my spending and my spending is your income. You can’t use common sense to understand the deficit. It is not akin to an individual’s credit card debt.

      “but we as Americans need to face the fiscal reality of our situation.
      For a little while, maybe the next 5-10 years, we need to close up shop
      on most of what the federal government does and start over.”

      Why didn’t republicans care about fiscal reality when Bush Jr. gave 8 years of unfunded tax cuts and wars; literally turning our surplus into a deficit? Because you got a nice check from the government and lower taxes (welcome to your second term, George). Don’t tell me about fiscal reality, friend.

      From Europe to Japan, the proof is in the pudding: austerity and budget cuts only makes the crisis worse. Period. Don’t let Fox News fool you into thinking it does.

      Maybe if Bush Jr. had been responsible with the surplus and was a Paul Ryan-style fiscal hawk we would never have been in a recession. I hope you enjoyed your unfunded tax cuts while they lasted, but expanding the Federal government has now become a necessary part of the economic solution; at least temporarily.

      • LuscombeFlyer

        “You can’t use common sense to understand the deficit.”

        Well, I’ll give you credit for practicing what you preach.

        • Willard Romney

          I’m flattered, actually. Macroeconomics is a complex topic with complex ideas.

          I’m highly skeptical of any simple, common sense solution to a large-scale economic problem. As appealing as these arguments are to the masses, to me they insinuate that more sinister forces may be at work.

          • LuscombeFlyer

            There is no concept more marinated in common sense than that
            you may not indefinitely spend vastly more than you receive in revenues.

            I’m highly skeptical of any arcane, pettifogging attempts to
            complicate such a common sense view of our nation’s exploding debts and endless
            deficits. As appealing as those arguments are to them who place themselves
            above the masses, they insinuate that more sinister forces may be at work.

          • I assume you were equally outraged by the Republican administrations that raised our debt load far more than any Democratic ever has?
            Or is your outrage reserved for Democrats only?

          • LuscombeFlyer

            I’ve mentioned (in this thread) neither Bush nor Obama, Republicans nor Democrats, conservatives nor liberals.

            But since you bought it up, yes, I was raising hell with Republicans (Adam Putnam, FL12) and Senators Nelson (Dem) and George Lemieux (Rep) for voting for TARP under Bush.

          • Willard Romney

            “There is no concept more marinated in common sense than that you may not indefinitely spend vastly more than you receive in revenues.”

            Agreed. But the operative word here is “INDEFINITELY”.
            Nobody in our National or Global economy is spending and we’re all trying to pay down our debt simultaneously. This is normally when a government steps in and spends to help jumpstart the economy. Obviously it would be great if we had a surplus to spend right now, but thanks to Bush Jr.’s tax cuts and wars we have a deficit. As any economist will tell you, this was reckless; we should never spend more during good economic times. As any political strategist will tell you, however, Bush’s spending was absolute genius. Not only did he bleed our National budget into a deficit (consistent with Republican small government ideology), but simultaneously bought his way into a second term.

            While Bush’s spending was unwarranted, the current economic crisis gives us a legitimate excuse to increase federal spending. Republican ideology will always push for smaller government, but the private sector isn’t doing crap right now; making increased federal spending a necessity. Once the economy is back on track we’ll start collecting revenue and paying down the deficit (unless another Bush Jr. comes in and spends it all).

            Increasing the debt ceiling isn’t a doomsday scenario. Hell, Japan’s debt is at 200% of its GDP and they’re weathering this crisis just fine. In fact, the increased infrastructure spending following the tsunami has created lots of jobs. Also, the experience of our neighbors in Europe shows that austerity only makes the crisis worse.

            Since you appreciate simplicity, here’s a quick, 1 sentence summary of my point:

            We need a TEMPORARY increase in federal spending to jumpstart the economy so that we can start collecting revenue and paying down the deficit.

    • What does the government do well? All the things that keep you healthy and safe. The US government doe s a good job of providing clean drinking water and making sure sewer water is properly cleaned before reintroduction to the environment. They do pretty good with the military, fire, police, even foodstamps, healthcare for the poor, the FDA, NASA, EPA, FBI, CIA. The government is you, it is me. Complain about it all you want but the US government has collectively used the public good to develop infrastructure and rule of law that has been the source for the most inventions from one nation in the world. There’s a good reason why Afgahnistan isn’t the hotbed of invention, why Monarchies are stifling and fascists fail. Get off your high horse and stop with the media talking points. Obama said he would be transparent and he has been except for the stuff that has allowed him to order a seal team into Pakistan and take OBL. What were you expecting Jesus? You would have to get some REAL dems in the house and senate for that.
      The Federal Government SHOULD be spending to get us out of the mess we are in as well as creating regulations for the shmucks who caused this.

      • bigchubbs6

        I LOVE AMERICA!, I hate our fake ass government for pulling the wool over this poor womans eyes. Its her own wool @ that. Poor sheep……….WAKE UP before its too late!

        • We love America, too, my misguided and blinkered friend. What we love about our country is its humanity and compassion and desire that everyone have a fair shot at being prosperous. We remember that we are a “union”, a collection of citizens working together. We acknowledge its imperfections and continuously strive to make it more perfect.
          Your lack of compassion betrays the American ideal. It is unpatriotic and un-American, in fact. you shame the Founding Fathers who had compassion and caring for others in their hearts when they created this amazing country.

    • The poor man’s voice

      “Yes a lot of good can and has come out of those programs, but we as
      Americans need to face the fiscal reality of our situation. For a little
      while, maybe the next 5-10 years, we need to close up shop on most of
      what the federal government does and start over.” Maybe you can say this, but I live in an area where these programs are necessary. Without medicaid, my grandmother would be dead by now. I will be crippled by debt the day I get out of college because of how much it costs to get a higher education. Without food stamps (another program republicans are attempting to cut) who knows how many people will starve to death because they can’t afford food. And before you ask, there are hardly any job opportunities around here, and many of the people I’m talking about are unable to work. We simply can’t afford to cut these programs, not with how many people rely on them, sometimes even to keep them alive. The idea of this, all to make the rich even richer, is completely absurd. I know a couple millionaires, and the last thing they need is a tax break. Especially when people can’t even afford to feed their children.

    • ghhshirley

      I highly doubt you voted for Obama. You revealed your true agenda, which was to masquerade as a democrat, when you repeated the blatant Fox News GOP Right Wing Blog generated talking point, “We have been operating our country for the last 3 1/2 years WITHOUT A BUDGET!”. That of course, is a blatant lie. There is a budget passed every year.

      The 2012 budget was passed on December 11, 2011. /

      The 2011 budget was passed on April 14, 2010

      The 2010 budget was passed on April 3, 2009.

      If you don’t know that, you don’t know much at all.

    • It’s good at four things:

      1. Blow foreigners’ stuff up in foreign countries. (The foreigners, too.)
      2. Make the rich richer.
      3. Go after the little guy.
      4. Old age programs (this last is under threat).

      So what shall we start over with? It’s conceivable that we’ll just have to toss the federal government completely, abolish the Constitution. But then we’ll have fifty states all fighting each other. But the states and even local governments are getting to be a problem, too, thanks to GOP infilitration and election-rigging there, too.

      Hmph. Maybe we should REALLY start from scratch and just go begging to HRH the Queen Elizabeth II and hand her our D of I and say, “We’ve screwed up bigtime, could you guys put us back on the right track?”

  • LuscombeFlyer

    I’m so tired of hearing Democrats and liberals whining about income tax cuts for the “wealthy”.

    When the top 10% (AGI) of income earners pays > 70% of income tax revenues collected, and the lowest 50% pays nearly 0% of income tax revenues, what conceivable income tax cut IS NOT a tax cut for the “wealthy”?

    You can’t cut the taxes of people who don’t pay taxes.

    • concerned citizen

      this is what i meant by ‘expanding the federal income tax base’ in my comment below. i agree.

  • concerned citizen

    all the jobs that have been created over the past 28 months????? when has unemployment been higher than it is now? I am independent who has a very open mind, but i will admit i’ve read far more educated conservative arguments than liberal arguments over the past 28 months. also, expanding the federal income tax base (which liberals probably disagree with..which is fking mindblowing) is much, much more important than worrying about ‘these tax breaks’ and this ‘income gap’…the image that democrats try to portray of all republicans is that they are ‘ganging up’ on the poor folk. This is not true, only the politicians and the big bankers (JPM and goldman sachs) are corrupt in this way as we have clearly seen.

    • Tyler Brainerd

      You’re joking, right? How about in 2009, at the height of Bush’s plan being in effect without his having to take responsibility for it and before Obama was able to change anything, when we were at 10%?

  • TD

    Looks like all the good comments have been deleted by the moderator.

  • I have a brain

    Sources for anything?

  • brotherdoc2003

    I do find it hard to believe the American public hasn’t had enough of trickle-down, voodoo economics. But the media just keeps playing the same sound bites from Rmoney saying what a terrible job Obama has done, and so the people never get to hear what the GOPers really stand for. They decry the deficit yet they want to add to it by trillions for more tax cuts for the rich. Trickledown is a trick of the rich to line their own pockets. The color of trickedown is p*ss yelllow….

  • MackAttack71194

    I don’t have a problem with the general republican, it’s just that I feel like this country has moved too far to the right recently. I mean look at the previous candidates for the republican presidential election. Not to be rude but quite a few of them had one too many screws loose (*cough* Bachmann). It’s almost unbelievable that some of them were actually viable at one pont. Regardless, the biggest problem I have with many current republican POLITICIANS (not all of them) is that they don’t try to fix anything. If something isn’t working they just want to get rid of it. Obama’s healthcare plan is an example of the exact opposite. It fixes many problems and saves the country a lot of money while also expanding health coverage. There are too many bought out politicians today and that corrupt connotation generally falls more to the right than left. It’s like thinking of it as “not all politicians are corrupt by money but if there is one, it is more likely to be a republican”. I’m not trying to be judgmental or ignorant or anything but that is just the way that I see it.
    The most important thing right now is to get Congress to start working together again. Rarely do you see bipartisan agreement anymore. It’s either all or nothing these days. Arguing is only productive if middle ground is found. That’s why there are two parties. Each one balances out the other and in my opinion we are waaaaaaaaay out of balance right now. Get out there and vote people. That’s the most important power that we have.

  • when you really think about it a Medicare “premium support” is not like a voucher, its more like a coupon – a freaking coupon – that’s what Romney & Ryan want to give me back for paying 35 yrs worth of Medicare tax. the GOP MEDICARE COUPON PLAN!

  • If Romney was a smart man.. He’d play it close as Obama did in 08′.
    Obama did not say a word about his hopes and changes until McCain said
    something first, then it was only to say that he wouldn’t do that and
    dog McCain out for putting something out there. That’s been Obama’s
    strategy from day 1, now that he’s had some time to show us what he
    plans on doing.. I don’t think that strategy can or work again for him
    but, it would work for Romney as the incumbent Obama can’t sit and wait
    while Romney can..

    • Nice revisionist history there. Those of us paying attention know that Sen. Obama was quite clear about a great number of his plans & ideas.

      • No he wasn’t clear about Anything! Obama did not come out with anything of his own during the 08′ run. He was a very vague candidate .. Did not put out anything to own up to but, did criticize everything McCain put out. I think you should go back and research the substance of the magical Obama campaign 08′, you’ll find that other than the hope and change chanting there was no real substance there.

        • You’ll find few people who pay more attention to political campaigns than I do and I’m calling bullshit on your revisionist history.

          • Name 1 thing that Obama solidly had said he would do? Name 1 thing he presented a game plan on if he was to be elected that wasn’t as vague as possible… I can’t think of anything, and I was waiting for … something. Despite what you instantly think of me(or my posts) I was willing to give him a shot, see what he was about as perhaps a “fresher” alternative to what we currently had. But, he fell flat on pretty much everything(for me anyhow) ..

  • Well some say Pres. Obama is Bush on steroids, and they have a point. Which means Romney will be Obama on steroids. So let’s just call a spade a spade (racial double-entendres EXcluded!) and say Mittens is Bush on steroids on top of steroids.