Vaginas Take Back the Capitol: INTERACTIVE PANOS from the event + Download a free vagina (poster/collage)


Signs, signs, everywhere signs

This is a collage of photographs I took of all the signs from the Vaginas Take Back the Capitol event last week. You can zoom in on the image to see the signs better or download the large file to print (below image). Please link back to this blog if you share the image on your site.

Choose a size and download the poster to share. Please link back here if you post it online.
Small (365 KB) Medium (778 KB) Large (11 x 14 @ 2.4 MB)

One of my favorite signs from event is the one below because, honestly, if you are paying attention to what is going on you really should be outraged. I know I am. The rally is over but the fight goes on and we have to make sure our voices continue to be heard.

If you want to stay involved here are a few options:

1. Democracy For America will be doing a series of online training seminars to help people learn about how to fight the War on Women in their own communities.
Click HERE to sign up.

2. Planned Parenthood’s Take Action site has the latest news and information on Women’s issues and how to get involved.
Click HERE to visit the site.

3. The Planned Parenthood site also has a voter guide and scorecard to educate and inform voters about the record of support for reproductive health of both current members of Congress and candidates currently running for congressional office. Click HERE to find out about your local representatives and support those who will continue this fight for women.

The panoramic images below were taken as the crowd gathered for the event.

  • thee_stupid

    Excellent post! Wonderfully written with real tools we can use to fight GOP’s war on women. Thank you!!

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    I don’t understand the stars thing are the choices only 1 star or 0 star?

    • I don’t understand your question. To what are you referring?

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