Republican Joe Schwarz to announce run as a Democrat in Michigan’s 7th district tomorrow


We’ve sunk THIS low???

The Michigan Democratic Party has been busy recruiting a candidate to run against Tim Walberg in the 7th District where I live. However, as I reported back in March and others have reported since then, they aren’t recruiting Democrats, they are recruiting Joe Schwarz. A Republican.

I’m not kidding.

There is no question that Schwarz despises Walberg. Walberg beat him in the 2006 Republican primary with the help of the far-right money machine Americans for Prosperity. He’s still a Republican.

It’s a sad statement about the state of the Michigan Democratic Party that they have sunk to recruiting Republicans to run on their behalf. There are probably zero important votes that Schwarz would vote differently than Walberg so I can’t think of a single reason to support him.

I’m told that Schwarz will make his announcement tomorrow (Monday, April 23rd.) If he announces as a Democrat, this will make us the laughing stock of the entire country.

  • I completely agree.  Rachel Maddow has shown the steam roller GOP legislature passing bill after bill that harms the people of our state but Democrats stand by.  The people of the state do nothing. Be at the rally April 28th when women say enough is enough.

  • Colleen

    Not that I think nominating Schwartz is a good idea, but he is at least pro-choice, pro-stem cell and pro-environment. He wouldn’t be as terrible as Walberg, but we need Democrats. 

  • The Other Bob

    Schwartz has always been more outspoken against the far right than most Democrats. I remember him nearly screaming on the MI Senate floor that Right to Life was driving the Republicans and Michigan off a cliff. While a whole lot of Dems cower in fear from the religious right, he stands up to them. We could do worse.

    • He’s a Republican. Not a Democrat: a Republican.


      • DemocratsShouldUnite

        I personally care more about policies and actions than labels.  Joe Schwarz’s Republican Party is dead – The Tea Party extinguished its last sign of life. He is a Democratic-leaning Independent and in Michigan’s incredibly moderate 7th Congressional District, Democrats should rally around him. 

  • If not Schwarz, then who? Who else is willing to run? The days are getting short until the filing deadline. We need Democrats to run in all districts. If Schwarz is the one to do it, then great – and as Bob said, we could do worse.

    • Oh, I don’t know. How about recruiting … maybe … A DEMOCRAT?!?!?!

      • Fishstick222

        Wow…thanks so much for that specific name of a Democrat to run. Scott & The Other Bob are both right.

    • Joe

       Kurt Haskell, The Dems are running Schwartz to hand the race to Walberg because the establishment is afraid of someone who will speak the truth and stand up for the people of the 7th district and the nation as a whole.

  • Alex Morgan

    As a Democrat and resident of the district, I will welcome him with open arms. Why be divisive when a courageous statesman is interested in returning as a Democrat? Joe Schwarz is a good man and he can represent Michigan well. If any other Dem wants to challenge him in the primary they are more than welcome to do so.

    • My commentary is about the MDP recruiting a Republican for the spot. WTF…?

      • Alex Morgan

        Can you think of a prominent Democrat in this district? I live there and Kathy Angerer is the only name which come to mind. Schwarz and Shauer are the only folks with name recognition and Mark clearly isn’t interested in the race.

      • Recruit a person who is a longer term Democrat who, but for the sake of winning is to the right of Joe Schwartz?  No thanks.  Once Schwartz files, he will file as a Democrat. 

  • Memiller

    I agree it is dismaying that we can’t find a real Democrat for this marginal, winnable seat. However, the District Committee evidently has not. If Schwarz runs and wins as  Democrat, then he will be a vote for a Democratic Speaker. To win back the House majority, we need as many of these marginal seats as possible. You can’t beat something with nothing.

    • Alex Morgan

      Exactly, Mark. Also, there are so many Democrats who run to the right of Joe Schwarz.

  • DasUnited

    Heres the problem with Democrats…they have the right ideas but are sort of impotent when it comes to elections and uniting as a block. You gotta hand it to the Republicans – it may be the most batshit craziest idea in the world that they might be proposing (most of theirs recent proposals actually are!), but they as a party will be united in voting for it. Democrats? Not so much. And the consequences as we saw in 2010 are usually severe for the entire nation (yes, even the unsuspecting middle class Republicans)

    • Kathrine_20051

      Lots of the criminal element is aggressive and they have tunnel vision … they hang together (as in voting together). They’re not interested in what other people think, they’re interested in meeting their agenda, that’s all.   republicans have been extremely aggressvie about their criminal behavior against the American people and that is because they have an agenda to meet, at the expense of the American people.  Just because you are agressive and hang together doesnt make your actions desirable. Hitler and the Nazis did the very same.

      • Kathrine_20051

        Aggressive **

  • Utah Democrats are in the same boat I think. Running conservative dems just because they are desperate to hold an office. 9% of registered voters in Utah are democrat, 43% republican, and 49% unaffiliated. So damn upsetting when dem leadership fails so badly and has to move to the right to try to win.

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  • Fuzzy Slippers

    These party label histrionics are not productive.I agree that I’d rather have a Joe Schwarz who will stand up for a TON of democratic causes than a lifelong Dem with no name rec and no proven fundraising ability. 

    It’s not just about recruiting a candidate who had the precious (D) always next to their name.  As Alex pointed out there are none in the district interested with any sort of name rec.  Plus, Joe Schwarz will be able to raise money on his own, and also will bring a lot of new-to-the-Dems donors to the table.  Both of these are important in a year when we have candidates like Gary McDowell and Steve Pestka fighting to turn other districts in MI back to Blue.  Not to mention more than a dozen state House seats to win back before every city and school district in Michigan has an EM armed with a taser AND a pistol, riding helmet-less around the state in public buildings, churches, bars and sports arenas superceding local elected officials, voiding union contracts and punishing teachers.
    I guess winning back the State House, winning some seats on the Supreme Court and taking back not just the 7th CD, but also the 1st and winning in the 3rd to me supercedes the need to criticize everything the MDP does.    

  • NeonVincent

    It turns out he didn’t announce tonight.  So, how long does he have until he runs out the clock on getting enough signatures to get on the ballot?

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  • James Joseph

    I’m a liberal Democrat in the district who will also welcome Joe Schwartz with open arms.  Since when did political identity become a genetic marker that can never be changed?  I have friends who started out as Republicans and have become Democrats. They’re not the same kind of Democrat as me, but they’re certainly preferable to Walberg Republicans by a big margin.  Ideological purity tests are ridiculous.  Perfect is the enemy of good and will only ensure to keep us divided and out of power in certain parts of Michigan and America.

  • Bedaai

    Here’s your man, support him.

  • Bedaai
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