GOPocrisy, MI-07 — September 9, 2011

Tim Walberg doesn’t want to hear from you about JOBS!


When this year’s crop of Republicans got elected, I went to their fledgling websites and looked for a section about “Jobs”. I didn’t find any which was pretty shocking. But, at that point, most of them were using the same basic boilerplate site, probably provided to them by the party or the government or something. So, I thought I should wait awhile for them to personalize their sites and most of them have done that.

I went to my Congressman’s site this morning, the site of Tim Walberg. I wanted to ask him to pass the job plan President Obama talked about last night (I know, I know, I’m wasting precious bandwidth on Quixotic ventures…) Here’s what I saw on his email contact page:

Click for a larger version

Notice something weird about my choices for “Topic”? Take a closer look:

Can you find anything related to jobs in that list? Me neither. I had to choose “Other”.

Given that they basically ran on a JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! mantra and beat up the President daily about the lack of job creation, this strikes me as GOPocrisy at its highest.

I just gotta ask, Congressman Walberg, where ARE the jobs? And why don’t you want to hear from me about that topic?

I also find it extremely telling that one of the topics is “Education/Labor”. The only possible reason I could think of for combining the two is that they are targets for being dismantled, kneecapped or otherwise harmed by Republican efforts. Otherwise, they are almost entirely unrelated.

Color me disgusted at the shameful hypocrisy of all of this.

  • I, I don’t even know what to say.

  • la58

    Went to my Reps site Thad McCotter, he had a separate job field. Strangely enough. But then again the UAW helps to get him reelected.

  • Porsche484848

    You repubs/teapartiers are all morally bankrupt when it comes to helping the so called middle class(which is almost extinct) and any classes lower than that elderly/disabled,kids,students Your about to start cutting ppl from FIA and I get the adults who could work but its not they’re childrens fault that the parents are lazy or can’t find work so cudos to you for starting to starve Mich children as of Oct 1st, why don’t you cut the FRAUD NIMRODS ppl w/ new cars,20in rims flat screen tvs oozing in gold obviously don’t need assisstance a 3yr old figure that out.

  • Err … Education / Labor … Labor = Work = Jobs = Oops

    • Bullshit.

      When was the last time you heard someone calling for “More LABOR NOW!!!”?
      Never. That’s because we have PLENTY of labor. We don’t have enough JOBS. By the way, note that “Economy” isn’t on the list either.