Education, Republican-Fail, Rick Snyder — August 8, 2011 at 4:01 pm

Republicans find another $75 million for their tax cuts. The students had it all along.


It’s just so damned easy to find money from sources without the resources to fight back, innit? Like college students:

Michigan has removed about 30,000 college students from its food stamp program — close to double the initial estimate — saving about $75 million a year, says Human Services Director Maura Corrigan.

Federal rules don’t allow most college students to collect food stamps, but Michigan had created its own rules that made nearly all students eligible, said Brian Rooney, Corrigan’s deputy director. As a result, the number of Michigan college students on this form of welfare made the state a national leader. For example, Michigan had 10 times the number of students on food stamps as either Illinois or California, Rooney said.

Cutting off the students is part of what Corrigan says is an effort to change the culture of the state’s welfare department and slash tens of millions of dollars of waste, fraud and abuse.

“Maybe (students) could go get a part-time job — that’s what I did,” said Corrigan, a former justice of the Michigan Supreme Court who attended Detroit’s Marygrove College and University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.

Get a job, hippy student!

My outrage meter is really getting a run for its money these days, thanks to Michigan Republicans.

  • TrumpDog

    Well wouldn’t want to give handouts to the Cadillac driving welfare college queens, now would you?

  • Lansing Biker

    Get a job?  How heartless.  Now how about getting all the other capable people on welfare off their behinds and get a job also.

  • cryingliberty

    This is one of the few areas where I think the change was inspired by the right idea but will end up doing significant damage. Part of the reason for the change was a substantial number of students who have collegiate meal plans (that already provide food for them) who chose to supplement those plans by applying for food stamps, which on the surface seems like double-dipping.

    When I attended college from ’97 – ’03, the university meal plan was more than enough to keep me fed and running – in fact, in my second-to-last year, I ended up spending substantial amounts of meal plan money on groceries at the university convenience store because I couldn’t go through it all in a year – you got $900 every semester, so $50/wk for food, and while it would carry over from fall to spring semester, if you didn’t burn through it all in a year, you lost it. Since that number was close to 10 years ago, I imagine standard food allowance plans have gone up since, but can’t say for certain.

    Not being fully familiar with how UM, EMU, MSU, WSU and the other state universities operate, I imagine that it’s demographics like mine that they’re trying to cut from the system – because they’re technically already getting “food money” from the university.

    Unfortunately, what this will end up doing is putting students who really ARE in a financial bind for food money in a not-insubstantial amount of trouble, and it will turn the typical “starving student” stereotype into a reality for many people – which is sad.