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Its been a fine week, hasn’t it? In the space of less than three weeks, Egyptians managed a non-violent transition of power that has the promise of a true democracy forming in the coming year.

Other countries, inspired by the Egyptians’ magnificent accomplishment, are moving in a similar way, hopefully in the same non-violent fashion.

We had an amazingly warm late-winter day today followed by a pink twilight sunset.

And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

Cheers, everyone!

Photo by my wife, Anne Savage. Click for a larger version and a great quote
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I’m just sayin’…

  • Not only that, but we’ve got what looks like an entire snowfree week coming to Massachusetts! Temps above freezing! Melting of the wicked white shroud! Tra-la tra-lee! Heck, by week’s end, maybe the ice sheet between the barn and the paddocks will be gone and I can take off the ice cleats.

  • revgerry

    EB, your wife’s photos are phenomenal – what a talent!

    as regards Egypt, I wrote a little piece on Gandhi last night over at BPI, and would love for others to join the conversation. I just can’t get out of my head that we have a way to throw off the yoke of (corporate colonial, not governmental) oppressors too, if we could only SEE it. http://bpicampus.com/2011/02/12/evening-focus-gandhis-nonviolent-philosophy/

  • Dorothy Rissman

    ECl, I just wanted to say I support you. Some weird things going on today on the “family” sites.

    • Thanks, Dorothy. It’s all good. We don’t all have to agree on everything. I suspect it was a throw-away comment that he didn’t give a lot of thought to. At least I hope so.

      EDIT: okay, I was just at Booman’s blog and he stands behind his comment. That’s a shame.

      • Dorothy Rissman

        Dang. I am sorry to hear that. In my mind, it someone says so and so did not do the right thing that is fine, but to belittle someone that others see as iconic is shameful. Thanks for standing up. It kind of reminds me of some other sites.

  • A great week; an exceptional display of leadership by President Obama and of courage by the youth of Egypt.

    Cheers, in_deed!!!